Awards and Recognition

Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s Nurses Week award winners are pictured with Tim Mislan, MBMC vice president and chief nurse executive.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center gathers nurses yearly for a presentation of many awards. In 2014 the following nurses were presented with awards for nursing excellence in various areas of their profession.

Jeanette Cowin - Excellence in Nursing Practice

Anna Burke - Excellence in Precepting

Beth Schneiderhahn - Excellence in Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice

Jennifer Polk - Advancing the Profession of Nursing

Justin Schneider - Rookie of the year

Kristin Katte and Carolyn Lunsford - Nursing Teamwork

Cathy Dill - Nursing Leadership & Mentoring

Carol Vance - Nancy A. Ross Patient Care Innovation

Heather Hawkins - Nancy A. Ross Spirit of Nursing Management

6 Med/Onc UNPC - Excellence in Nursing Team Award

  • Jane Marler
  • Ashley Comeau
  • Amy Gambino
  • Kate Bergeron
  • Bev Guthrie
  • Shannon Ising
  • Tony Le
  • Eric Howard
  • Brittany Patrias
  • Amanda Miller
  • Jana Royer
  • Jessica Potts
  • Teri Lee
  • Carol Eck

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