Awards and Recognition

Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s Nurses Week award winners are pictured with John Antes, MBMC president, far left, and Tim Mislan, MBMC vice president and chief nurse executive, far right. | Photo by Elizabeth White

Missouri Baptist Medical Center gathers nurses yearly for a presentation of many awards. In 2013 the following nurses were presented with awards for nursing excellence in various areas of their profession.

Janice Kilper and Jane Keel - Excellence in Nursing Practice

Alison Naber - Excellence in Precepting

Elaine Zobrist - Excellence in Nursing Research/Evidence Based Practice

Becky Ott - Advancing the Profession of Nursing

Mystery Hahn - Rookie of the year

Devin Olisah and Koren Betz - Nursing Teamwork

Becky Hellrich - Nursing Leadership & Mentoring

Alan Westcott - Nancy A. Ross Patient Care Innovation

Sharla Emery - Nancy A. Ross Spirit of Nursing Management

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