Student Volunteers

Be part of our growing family of Student Volunteers.

Volunteering at Missouri Baptist Medical Center can provide valuable insight and experience for students interested in a variety of health related careers. Our program tries to match students with their interests at the same time fulfilling a volunteer request from our many departments.

Each volunteer’s placement is determined by a personal interview and assignments are made on the basis of the volunteer’s maturity and experience. Dependability is extremely important since volunteers are assigned to a specific area on a specific day and time. Patients, families and staff members depend on volunteers to carry out their assignments. A volunteer commitment should not be made lightly.

We make every effort to accommodate a student volunteer’s schedule, taking into consideration sports, classes, work, family and any other event that you may have planned. 

Most college students want evening or weekend positions to accommodate studies, work and personal life. To maintain schedules and training for our departments, we ask a minimum commitment of 60 service hours every four months from college volunteers.

To volunteer we need:

  • Application and reference
  • Current immunization record
  • TB test (PPD test)
  • Background check (if 18 or older)

Once we review an applicant’s information, we interview them for placement. After an orientation, volunteers are assigned to someone from the department from which they will be working for training and scheduling.

Student Volunteer Options

Service Projects — Can be one or two weeks during a particular month, chosen by the school
Class Project — Can be for Junior Achievement, honor society or any class that requires outside service
Community Service — The amount of hours assigned to a student over a given semester; must be completed on the student’s time
Summer Program — Begins in June with an orientation; students are required to put in 50 hours of service over three months. Please note, the 2015 Summer Program is filled. We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

Our students come into the program with the core values of Missouri Baptist. We attribute this to the schools that they attend and the efforts of many fine teachers, counselors and concerned parents. Our goal is to continue these values so that each student can make a better career choice for their future.

For more information call 314-996-5146.

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