When an employee is injured on the job, it deeply affects family and employer alike. At stake is more than lost productivity and income. It’s about quality of life. Our Work Comp ADVANTAGE program was created to treat the entire issue, not just the injury itself. We have physicians trained in handling the complex needs of injured patients and their families. Plus, we have specialists who handle the equally complex needs of everyone else involved, including employers, insurance adjusters and case managers.

At Work Comp ADVANTAGE, we deliver:

  • Exceptional communication
  • Timely access to medical care
  • Easily obtainable medical information
  • Clear, complete and effective documentation
  • Knowledgeable physicians committed to workers' compensation
  • We are available to provide dedicated support from all areas of the Hospital, physicians and physician offices to ensure seamless health-care delivery, timely communication and outstanding customer service.

Call the Work Comp ADVANTAGE Line: 314-996-5544.

Emergency Care at Missouri Baptist

Benefits for Employers

  • Fast Turnaround-we'll see your employee faster so they can return to work as soon as possible.
  • Timely Communication (regarding restrictions, diagnosis, work status).
  • Care Coordination-In three steps, BJC 24/7 Occupational Medicine coordinates work-related injury care for the patient and employer.
  • Missouri Baptist ER registration staff calls BJC 24/7 and initiates drug screen protocol (if applicable).
  • Missouri Baptist ER provider treats patient (calling BJC 24/7 while patient is still in ER). 24/7 clarifies ER Physician's findings, restrictions, medications and initiates recommended follow-up medical care.
  • BJC 24/7 calls employer the next day, provides information, facilitates recommended follow-up medical care, facilitates employer access to medical records, and verifies billing information.

Benefits for Patients

Nearly 90 percent of walk-in patients see our Physician-in-Triage within 30 minutes. This physician starts treatment process-orders labs, imaging and pain medication, if needed.

Average length of stay for patients who are discharged is less than 3.5 hours-less than the initial wait at many area hospitals.

On Average, 11 percent of patients are diagnosed, treated and can be discharged from triage.

How to refer an employee with a work -related injury to the Missouri Baptist ER

  1. If possible, call us at  314-996-5544 and ask for the Charge Nurse
  2. Let us know your employee is on the way to Missouri Baptist's ER with a work-related injury.
  3. BJC 24/7 will call you with patient's status and facilitate medical records the next business day.
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