Work Comp FAQs

Q: What is Missouri Baptist Medical Center's Work Comp ADVANTAGE?
A: Work Comp ADVANTAGE is an innovative program designed to provide superior customer service and clinical care to the workers' compensation community by coordinating hospital, physician and physician office operations.

Q: How can Work Comp ADVANTAGE assist the workers' compensation community control the rising cost of injured employees?
A:Recognizing the importance of minimizing lost time from work and overall claims' expense, Missouri Baptist Medical Center has implemented a "Universal Process" to expedite access to -- and communication from -- the Hospital and our participating physicians. Each physician specialist who participates in Work Comp ADVANTAGE has agreed to meet the minimum performance expectations.

  • Expedited Communication
Work status form completed and faxed or e-mailed to adjuster within 24 hours of every patient visit or with a change in work status
Standard dictation mailed within two weeks from the date of visit 
IME dictation mailed within three weeks from the date of visit
Ratings available within one week from date of final visit 
Diagnostic results communicated to adjuster within 24 hours of patient notification
  • Timely Access
Primary physician appointments available within two weeks
Independent Medical Exam (IME) appointments available within four weeks
First post-operative appointment scheduled prior to surgery
  • Complete Documentation
Dictation includes:
  1. Causation -- for the initial and the IME reports
  2. Work status
  3. Treatment recommendations
  4. Projected plan of care
Q:Why is it important to choose a specialist who understands the complex nature of workers' compensation?
A:Dealing with the unique needs of the workers' compensation industry requires a physician who understands how to provide effective documentation with quality clinical care and successful clinical outcomes. Work Comp ADVANTAGE physicians have extensive experience. They understand the expectations of the workers' compensation community.

 Q:Does Missouri Baptist Medical Center have a resource to assist insurance adjusters, case managers, employers and employees injured at work?

A:Missouri Baptist Medical Center offers an exclusive resource at the Hospital for all workers' compensation issues. Along with providing customer service calls to employers, insurance adjusters and case managers for all Emergency Department and inpatient hospital stays, the Workers Compensation Department can assist you in finding the best physician to care for your injured employee. Please call 314.996.7420 or 314.996.5943 with work comp questions or concerns.

 Q:Does HIPAA apply to work comp?

A:HIPAA stands for Health Information Portability Accountability Act. It is a federal act created to protect individual private personal health information. HIPAA 164.512.L allows state laws to mandate record release policies.


MO State Law 287-140.7 -- Every hospital or other person furnishing the employee with medical aid shall permit its record to be copied by and shall furnish full information to the division or the commission, the employer, the employee or his dependents and any other party to any proceedings for compensation under this chapter, and certified copies of the records shall be admissible in evidence in any such proceedings.


Section 8 -- Access to Medical Reports and Records -- Every hospital, physician, surgeon or other person rendering treatment or services in accordance with the provisions of this Section shall upon written request furnish full and complete reports thereof to, and permit their records to be copied by, the employer, the employee or his dependents, as the case may be, or any other party to any proceeding for compensation before the Commission, or their attorneys.

 Q: What is MBMC's commitment to the workers' compensation industry?

A: Exceeding your expectations -- our commitment to the workers' comp industry
  • Exceptional communication
  • Timely access to medical care
  • Easily obtainable medical information
  • Clear, complete and effective documentation
  • Knowledgeable healthcare providers that understand workers' compensation
Work Comp ADVANTAGE offers a variety of specialists available to perform Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) for both Missouri and Illinois claims. Each medical office offers a dedicated staff member to assist the case manager, insurance adjuster and employer with prompt communication.

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