ECHOES Training Tips

Clinical Documentation Simplified 

To improve the overall level of clinical documentation that will in turn improve the quality of the data that drives delivery of exceptional health care, a series of 60-minute educational sessions, organized by specialty, are being offered to medical staff. Please plan to attend the session for your specialty.
Here is the schedule for Missouri Baptist Medical Center providers.

Horizon Expert Notes 

No more looking up charts! Horizon Expert Notes will go live in May as part of our Meaningful Use journey. We will be compliant while also saving time for you and improving our patient safety.

For physicians using Horizon Expert Notes for electronic documentation, a new automated Clinical Document Specialist query alert and response workflow will be introduced on May 13.  See these documents for more information: responding to a query using HEN and entering clarification notes in HEN.

Making HEN Work for You

See this document for tips on how to simplify your documentation process.

IV Additives

Starting on Tuesday, May 20, an enhancement to the McKesson HEO system now allows building of discrete IV additives rather than entering them as free text. This enhancement will reduce the risk of transcription errors and/or omission of additives to the base IV solution by the pharmacy.  See this document for more information.

Compliant Documentation Guideline

These guidelines help physicians bridge the gap between clinical and coding language. Documentation examples for high frequency conditions are provided.  See this document for all necessary information.

Code 2 and Pre-Cardiac Arrest Communication Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to clarify the definition of Code 2 and how to communicate treatment limitation requests in pre-cardiac arrest situations.

ECHOES Community Hospital Update For Physicians

View the latest newsletter. 

Click one of the links below to view a PDF document with ECHOES tips. You may view the PDF, and you have the option to save it and print it.

How do I?

Talk to Us: Contact Clinical Information Systems About ECHOES

The Clinical Information Systems Department is here to help. You can contact us us about order set recommendations, advanced portal training ( manipulate a patient worklist, filter results and view images) and HEO questions and assistance. You can call us at 314-575-5189, email us, or hit the Complain button in HEO.

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