Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!

Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!

March is National Nutrition Month – Why not explore new foods and flavors this month and throughout the year!

Make your goal to keep great taste and good nutrition on your plate at every meal! Today’s supermarkets have more variety than ever before – take advantage of this world of flavor! Expand your choices and palette to keep the taste of eating right new and exciting!

At the grocery store:

At each shopping trip, make it a goal to try one new-to-you fruit, vegetable or whole grain.  Try a different kind of apple, a new salad green or unfamiliar grain such as quinoa, black rice or bulgur.  Often times the packages of these grains will provide not only cooking directions but also a recipe to make your first time out a cinch to prepare! 

Cooking at home:

When cooking add variety to your everyday dishes with a familiar herb or spice used in a new way or simply add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice. For example:

Try steamed veggies with fresh lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil instead of butter or margarine.

Add chopped apple and cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger to your morning oatmeal.

Mix equal parts of canned pumpkin and part-skim ricotta cheese with a dash of pumpkin pie spice and sweeten to taste for a healthy spread on toast or bagels.

Sprinkle a baked potato with Chinese five spice powder or a dollop of mango salsa.

And don’t be afraid to “kick it up a notch” – you have about 10,000 taste buds, so show them all the taste of eating right! 


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