Make Summertime Outdoor Funtime

Posted: March 2010

Activities for Kids.

Summer — it’s time to enjoy the longer, sun-filled days. Fun out­door activities add life to leisurely mornings and afternoons.

Many parents get overwhelmed when they think about all the summer free time kids have, but plenty of options are available to keep them active out­side. Help them have a summer to re­member before they head back to the classrooms.

  •  Go to a park with some friends and have a neighborhood Olympics
  • Set up sprinklers and let your chil­dren run through them. Your kids will have a blast, and your yard will benefit as well
  • Start a collection of leaves, bugs or flowers, and take daily nature walks to add to your assortment
  • Visit the zoo and draw the animals. Research them and discover fun facts that make them unique
  • Walk around town and study shapes. Take pictures of fun buildings and help young children study their forms

For a list of fun activities — such as recipes for homemade play dough and bubbles — visit StLouisChildrens.org.

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