Stroke Support Beyond the Hospital

In our community, nearly 25% of adults will have a stroke during their lifetime. That means it is likely that you or someone you know will experience a stroke and the potentially life-changing impact. And it’s not just the stroke survivor, but also their family and the community who face new challenges.

This fall Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co. will donate $1 from the sale of their 25th Anniversary giveback package to Missouri Baptist Medical Center.  We’ll use those funds and funds raised at our fall Foundation signature event, Back to the Eighties, to support stroke survivors and their families. We’ll share knowledge and expertise beyond hospital walls to provide ongoing care, education, therapy services, nutritional support and more to help stroke survivors and their families thrive in their daily lives.

Help support our mission by making a donation to the Foundation. Or consider becoming a Champion for Care.

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Join us at our fall event
Back to the Eighties
October 5 • 7-9:30 p.m.
Angad Arts Hotel
3550 Samuel Shepard Drive St. Louis

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Experts in Stroke Care

MoBap was awarded a “Certificate of Distinction as a Primary Stroke Center” by The Joint Commission. The stroke program cares for more than 2,000 stroke and TIA (also called mini-stroke) patients. MoBap is able to diagnose, treat and manage patients presenting with stroke symptoms at the emergency department, as well as patients directly admitted or transferred from other facilities. 

As part of the BJC HealthCare system, MoBap is part of the BJC Distributive Stroke Network, where resources are shared between hospitals to improve care and stroke awareness in the community.

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