Where the Funds Go

The Foundation’s funding efforts are directed towards:

  • Patient care
  • Advanced education for our workforce
  • Strategic growth
  • Medical research
  • Building endowment
  • Programs that support Missouri Baptist Medical Center values

Through the years, almost every department in the Hospital has benefited from Foundation funding. Here are a few recent examples of the Foundation at work:

“The recent allocation of the Foundation Board to purchase two TEG systems will help the cardiac surgical team target patients’ blood needs more efficiently and lead to better clinical outcomes. Thank you to the Foundation donors for giving the cardiac team an opportunity to advance our quality of care.” 

John D. Brooks
Chief Perfusionist
Missouri Baptist Medical Center 

Educational Endowments

Endowments are monetary gifts set aside in perpetuity that provide an interest income to support a particular need, such as student nursing scholarships, caregivers’ continuing education or funding for a Missouri Baptist Medical Center community-based support groups.

Providing Scholarships in Gratitude of Care

Leadership donor Jack Kourik understands the value of outstanding medical care. To prove it, he is underwriting scholarships for student nurse externs. It’s in honor of those who provided him and his late wife, Maisie, with expert care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Scholarships are named for Kourik caregivers.

“These physicians have been important to my health and survival to 83,” says Kourik. “I support Missouri Baptist because of the demonstrated quality of care and my confidence in the staff. I recognize my caregivers now and want them to know how much I appreciate them.” 

Bequest Supports Cancer Programs

With grace and persistence, Marian M. Mills brought “time, talent and treasure” to improve health care programs for her hometown, St. Louis. From her first job as a secretary at St. Louis Children’s Hospital to volunteer jobs and leadership roles at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Marian made an impact with every organization she touched. Marian’s bequest to support Missouri Baptist recognized its cancer programs, with a special focus on Bear Essentials — the support program that nurtures the health and well-being of children of cancer patients. Her lasting legacy is a gift to these children and their families.

Groups, such as Bear Essentials for children whose parents or loved ones have cancer, provide support for the entire family.

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