Childbirth Center

Childbirth Center at Missouri Baptist

At MoBap our goal is to make you feel like you are the only family in the hospital. So everything we do is driven by a personalized approach.

The Childbirth Center at MoBap offers support to each mother, baby and family throughout the maternity process in a quiet, comfortable environment, with personalized care from experienced labor nurses, a NICU and 24/7 on-site anesthesiologists.

One Nurse For Mother and Baby

Our experienced labor nurses will guide you through the birth experience. We also believe that the best care comes when you and your baby share a nurse dedicated to you both!

Anesthesia Guided By Need, Not By Number

If you choose to have an epidural, you’ll find that we’re ready to make you comfortable as soon as you need it. And because there is always an anesthesiologist on-site in our department, you won’t have to wait in pain until that doctor arrives.

A Quiet and Comfortable Atmosphere

Take a tour of our department, and you’ll be struck by the peaceful atmosphere. Our mother-baby rooms have been designed to remind you and your family of home. With private bathrooms and partner sleeping arrangements, your family can form that very important bond with your new baby. Our “Dining On Call” menu and nourishment stations for mothers and their partners.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Our NICU has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses to care for premature babies as young as 28 weeks, high-risk newborns and multiple births with a staff of superior neonatologists from Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Our Affiliation With St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University Physicians

As a member of BJC HealthCare, we share an important connection with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, one of the top pediatric hospitals in the U.S. Our staff includes St. Louis Children’s Hospital/Washington University neonatologists and pediatricians, who are available around the clock and attend all high-risk or complicated deliveries, providing superior, quality care.

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3015 North Ballas Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63131 - USA

To visit the Childbirth Center or for Tours and Grandparents and Sibling classes, park in the North Entry (Building D) garage under building or use valet service. For Childbirth, CPR, Babysitting and Infant Massage classes, park in the Main Garage and proceed to the Clinical Learning Institute, located on the fourth floor of the Main Garage.

Visit our MoBap Baby website to learn about childbirth and parenting classes, information about labor and deliver and tools like our birth plan, delivery planner and baby feeding log.

MoBap Baby website

Employees and St. Louis Blue's Louie load diapers to deliver to the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank

MoBap donates 6,400 packs of diapers to St. Louis Area Diaper Bank

Although the “dirtiest job” in parenthood may be the diaper change, many take for granted the ability to grab a fresh diaper for every change. For 1 in 3 families in the St. Louis area, clean, fresh diapers are not always available.

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Count the Kicks

After experiencing the loss of a stillborn, labor and delivery nurse Miranda Coker champions the Count the Kicks stillbirth prevention campaign.

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Top Care for the Tiniest Patients

When babies are admitted to Missouri Baptist NICU, families benefit from a special collaboration between MoBap and the leading experts in premature and high-risk birth from Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country.

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Cindy Weishaar, nurse manager of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), explains the differences between the new Panda Warmer (left) and an older style warmer.

Safe & Warm

This year, the Champions are coming together to purchase four new radiant warmers for our tiniest patients in Labor & Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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Eat Right for You, and Baby, too!

When you're pregnant, eating right is important for you and your developing baby.

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Newborn Health Screenings for Your Baby

Nearly all babies will have a simple blood test to check for disorders that are not apparent immediately after delivery. Some of these disorders are genetic, metabolic, blood, or hormone-related. Each state in the United States requires screening tests, but the specific tests performed vary among the states. Some disorders are more common in some states, making testing more important.

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Finding a Pediatrician

When choosing a pediatrician, you may want to consider the pediatrician's training and experience, as well as the office location, hours, and routines. We recommend that you meet with your pediatrician prior to your baby’s birth, so you can ask any questions and become more familiar with the practice and staff.

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Newborn Care: The First Six Weeks

Once you arrive home with your baby, it’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed. But just because you are no longer surrounded by nurses and hospital services, doesn’t mean that you’re alone. We encourage you to call us when you have questions, and to take advantage of our Mom’s MoBap Morning support group and other infant care services.

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Start Your Birth Story at MoBap

Take advantage of a casual and unrushed opportunity to ask questions in person during a complimentary tour of our Childbirth Center, where you can begin imagining the excitement of your big day.

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Start Your Parenting Journey

From Labor and Delivery through the pediatric years, Missouri Baptist is here to help you on your parenting journey. 

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Quick Tips for Safe Storage of Breast Milk

Pumping and Storing Breast Milk: A breast pump is a great tool for a nursing mother and her baby, especially a mother that is returning to work while breastfeeding.

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Yoga: For a Healthy Pregnancy

An ancient form of meditation, yoga has evolved into a popular form of exercise offering physical and mental benefits that can alleviate health problems, reduce stress, and increase flexibility.

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Peace For A First-Time Mom

As a first time mom, I had a great experience delivering my son at MoBap.

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The Calm in Our Storm

I delivered my baby boy in January and wasn't sure what to expect seeing as he was my first baby.

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A Place of Comfort

I had my 3rd son on 04/18/2015 (my birthday) in the hospital with the most amazing care I've experienced after having two sons in my home country Nigeria.

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Bundles of Joy, Delivered at MoBap

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. We're so happy you chose to share your special moments with us.

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21st Century Newborn Care: Our Mobile Apps Have it All

Missouri Baptist Medical Center is committed to delivering quality care and providing expectant and new moms with the help they need and deserve.

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Celebrating Natural Childbirth at MoBap

If you’re planning a natural childbirth experience, we’re here to support you. In fact, we’re known as the hospital of choice for women desiring natural birth and breastfeeding in St. Louis.

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Caring Collaboration at the Missouri Baptist NICU

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) we’ve brought together Missouri Baptist NICU staff with pediatricians from St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University Neonatologists to care for premature babies.

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Breastfeeding Support

Your breast milk is the ideal food for your baby because it contains just the right balance of nutrients, is gentle on your baby’s digestive system and can help prevent infection.

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