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Pain Management at MoBap in St. Louis

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, we know that chronic pain can affect someone's entire life. Our goal at the Pain Management Center is to help patients develop ways to reduce and manage pain, so they can function as well as possible in their daily lives and enjoy the people and activities that are important to them. . We can help provide options that are often less invasive and costly than traditional surgical ones.

For more information regarding the Pain Management Center in St. Louis or to schedule an appointment at MoBap, please call 314.996.5433 or 800.392.0936.

Our interdisciplinary pain team develops a comprehensive treatment plan that may include appropriate minimally invasive procedures, individual psychotherapy, individual physical therapy, and/or participation in PRISM, our group cognitive behavioral program. Medication management assessments are performed upon request.

If you are living with chronic pain, our qualified team can help you find a path to pain management. You will be evaluated by both a board-certified pain physician and a clinical pain psychologist. Depending on your pain history, a physical therapist with experience in the treatment of chronic pain may also be included in the treatment plan.

Our pain management physicians treat patients with all types of pain, including back pain, cancer pain, compression fractures, diabetic neuropathy, neck pain, sciatica, shingles, spinal stenosis.

To become a patient, please talk with your primary care physician as a physician referral is required. Your physician may contact our intake coordinator at 314-996-7200 for referral information. 

Physician benefits

  • Evaluation of your patients by our interdisciplinary team
  • Collaborative approach to help your patients manage their pain
  • Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapies while minimizing pain

Patient benefits

  • Improve activities of daily living
  • Reduced pain medication use
  • Active participant in plan of care

Indications for Referral

  • Chronic pain
  • Failed back syndrome
  • Long-term use of opioids
  • Previous pain management treatment

For more information regarding the Pain Management Center in St. Louis or to schedule an appointment at MoBap, please call 314.996.5433 or 800.392.0936.

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