Missouri Baptist Emergency Room: Faster - Kinder - Better

Emergency Room St. Louis

Patients come to the Emergency Department for one simple reason: to see a doctor.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center has created a process that decreases length of stay as well as decreasing wait times in the ER.  There is a team dedicated to identifying and treating the less emergent patients.  This frees up other nurses and physicians to treat the more critical patients.  In the end, every patient receives the best care for their own needs and it is done so in a timely manner.

Please understand that we must take patients who have life-threatening risks first and that patients also arrive via ambulances. You will be seen as quickly as possible.

St. Louis Children's Hospital at Missouri Baptist

Because childhood emergencies should not wait, we’ve brought one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals to west St. Louis County. In partnership with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we’ve opened a full-size ER just for kids, with nine beds plus six more for longer term, in-patient care. Every room has a bright, nautical theme to put your child -- and you -- more at ease. Washington University pediatricians and specially trained pediatric nurses staff this special unit.

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