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Yoga: For a Healthy Pregnancy

An ancient form of meditation, yoga has evolved into a popular form of exercise offering physical and mental benefits that can alleviate health problems, reduce stress, and increase flexibility.

The benefits for mothers both before and after delivery can also include:
• Easing aches and pains
• Learning to be present
• Building breath awareness
• Gaining confidence in your body
• Building community as you connect with other expectant mothers
• Connecting with your baby
• Benefits before and after a C-section
• Recovering faster

The MamaYoga Prenatal Program at Missouri Baptist Medical Center provides expectant mothers with the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of connecting to their bodies as they are changing in preparation for labor, birth, and motherhood.

MamaYoga prenatal classes are structured with exercises and yoga techniques to help promote healthy pregnancy, keep the mind clear during labor, and ease women into motherhood. Regular attendance offers expectant mothers the opportunity to practice these exercises consistently for greater benefits.

Our prenatal yoga classes are for healthy women in uncomplicated pregnancies and can be safely attended up until the start of labor. Participants should wear comfortable clothing, and should bring a yoga mat and water to class.
• Participation Waiver
• Physician Approval Form

For more information about our MamaYoga Prenatal Program or to register for an upcoming class, please see below, or call (314) 996-LIFE.

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