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Rise and Shine with Breakfast

Bored with your bowl of oatmeal? Tired of your toast and jam? Ready to step outside the (cereal) box for breakfast? Switch it up with these creative combos that are easy-to-make and will keep you shining all morning long!

  1. Spread rye toast with mashed avocado – sprinkle with dill – then top with diced tomatoes and red onion.

    Bonus Hack: Look for packaged, already mashed avocado in the produce aisle!

  2. For breakfast to go, spoon vanilla Greek yogurt into a small jar – then layer cooked barley, quinoa or farro with mashed raspberries or blackberries – dollop with jalapeno jam.

    Bonus Hack: Use leftover cooked grains from last night’s dinner!

  3. Fill hardboiled egg whites with red pepper hummus – sprinkle with thyme, sesame seeds and cumin – add a slice of cumber.

    Bonus Hack: Combine thyme, sesame seeds and cumin in quantity; store in a recycled spice bottle with shaker lid – perfect go-to for topping grilled corn, fish, chicken or tomato soup!

  4. Microwave a sweet potato – top with pineapple tidbits – finish with slivered almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon or coconut.

    Bonus Hack: Use a single-serve pineapple cup for a quick pack-and-go meal!

  5. Layer scrambled eggs, corn and chopped green onions onto corn tortillas - drizzle with green salsa and a bit of goat cheese – fold taco-style, ole!

    Bonus Hack: Grill an extra ear of corn tonight – it will be ready for tomorrow’s breakfast!

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