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1000th COVID-19 Patient Returns Home

Since early March, BJC hospitals have been treating thousands of COVID-19 patients, providing the very best care possible for individuals battling this disease. On December 16, Missouri Baptist Medical Center released its 1,000th COVID-19 patient back home, marking a significant milestone in our response to this pandemic.


This milestone patient happened to be one of BJC HealthCare's own physicians. After being cared for at MoBap for a week, Dr. Paolo Masetti, an ICU Physician at Christian Hospital, was released to recover at his home nearby with his wife of more than 30 years and his two children.


Dr. Masetti credits the MoBap team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and so many of our staff along with his family for their support and valiant effort to getting him back home again.

Back on December 9, Dr. Masetti said he had all of the symptoms; fever, dehydration, shortness of breath and he was "so sick". A week later, he was able to return home for continued rest. "The care was super excellent. I came here on the ninth and I was so sick, and now I am leaving because of that care, it was super," said Dr. Masetti.


“To be here for this 1000th celebration, it means a lot to our staff and really lifted their spirits because we've been working so hard," said Lauren Devuono, assistant nurse manager in the ICU at MoBap. "Also, we are starting to vaccinate here at BJC, which brings all of us some extra hope."

Dr. Masetti says this virus is vicious and encourages everyone to continue to mask and distance themselves. He returned home for continued rest and when he is able will get back to work helping out his team at Christian Hospital and the community up North.

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