Community Education

In keeping with our mission — to improve the health of the people and communities we serve — our community programs are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and teach you the basic steps of disease prevention and safety. They are built around what you tell us you need most, including classes on disease prevention and wellness, and health screenings for early detection of common health conditions. Our goal is to help you improve your health and live a healthier life. 

Our team of physicians, nurses and dietitians are dedicated to helping you take the first steps to better health. Our programs are offered on the Missouri Baptist Medical Center campus and at various off-site locations in your neighborhood.

Featured Events

Stroke Awareness

Stroke is a leading cause of death and a major cause of adult disability, yet nearly 85% of all strokes are preventable. Learn more during Stoke Awareness Month.

High Blood Pressure, A-Fib and Stroke: What’s the Connection?

Are you predisposed to stroke? Can you lower your risk? Join Michael Hatlelid, MD, neurologist, director of Missouri Baptist’s Stroke Center as he discusses stroke prevention, signs of stroke, the importance of calling 911 and stroke treatment. Light refreshments served.

Thursday, May 26, 6:30-8 p.m.
Hilton St. Louis Frontenac
1335 South Lindbergh

Stoke Screening

If you are over age 50, attend this event and be screened for high blood pressure, cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and glucose. Learn your risk factors. Fasting required. Appointments limited. Please call 314-996-LIFE to register.

Saturday, June 4, 8-11 a.m.
Longview Farm House
13525 Clayton Road

Your Partners in Wellness - Missouri Baptist at Dierbergs

Click to see details about our community events at Dierbergs.


Cardiologists recommend that you monitor your cholesterol and glucose on a regular basis. To make it easy, Missouri Baptist will provide FREE screenings in the pharmacy department at your neighborhood Dierbergs Markets. This screening is FREE and measures your glucose, total cholesterol and HDL. No fasting is required — appointments are recommended.

Call 314-996-5433 to Register


Dierbergs Southroads
12420 Tesson Ferry Road
Wednesday, May 11
10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Dierbergs Wildwood Town Center
2460 Taylor
Wednesday, May 25
1:30-5 p.m.


Dierbergs Heritage Place
12595 Olive Blvd.
Wednesday, June 8
10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Dierbergs Fenton
450 Old Smizer Mill Road
Wednesday, June 22
1:30-5 p.m.


Dierbergs Clarkson/Clayton
1322 Clarkson/Clayton Center
Wednesday, July 6
2:30-6 p.m.

Dierbergs Four Seasons
#8 Four Seasons Center
Wednesday, July 27
1:30-5 p.m.


Heart & Soul: Caribbean Flavors

Jerk ChickenCome sail away to sun-drenched dishes that are as good for you as they taste.

  • Jerk Chicken Pizza
  • Greens with Mango Salsa Dressing
  • Roti (Indian Flatbread)
  • Coconut & Pineapple Rice
  • Banana Cake Roll

Demonstrations led by Dierbergs staff culinary professionals and Missouri Baptist Medical Center registered dietitians.

Fee: $36
6:30-8:30 p.m.

May 16

May 23

June 2

West Oak
June 9

Bogey Hills
June 20


To see a full listing of classes, or get more information, visit Dierbergs.com or call 636-812-1336 (in Missouri) or 618-622-5353 (in Illinois).

St. Louis Children's Hospital at Missouri Baptist

St. Louis Children's Hospital at Missouri Baptist offers several classes at Missouri Baptist.

Babysitting 101
This class is a great introduction to the basics of babysitting. A 28-page workbook is provided. $30/child

Family and Friends® CPR
This video-guided program is for parents, grandparents and teenagers who babysit (ages 10-15 if accompanied by an adult). Instruction and hands-on practice for infant, child and adult CPR, first aid for choking and the use of AEDs when appropriate. Course facilitators use the American Heart Association material. Course includes a 65-page student manual. Course does not include certification. $25/person.

Infant Massage
Parents and expectant parents will learn hands-on massage techniques that promote relaxation and help develop a stronger bond with their infant (newborns through age 15 months). Parents who are not able to bring their child will be given a doll for hands-on practice. The class is taught by St. Louis Children’s Hospital certified infant massage instructors.

Each family will receive the illustrated guidebook titled Baby’s First Touch: Step-by-Step Instruction for Infant Massage, as well as a bottle of massage oil.


Pre-registration for these classes is required; please call 314-454-KIDS.

Call 314-996-5433 to Register
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