Missouri Baptist Medical Center has invested in new technology that enables specialists to “see” more rural patients. By taking advantage of a two-way audio and video communications system, physicians are able to remotely perform real time exams and consults with patients – almost as if present in the room with the patient.

Remote Presence

At the heart of the remote presence is the is the hospital's control station. Creating optimal efficiency at a dedicated workstation, the control station features large, dual monitors that allow a physician to simultaneously communicate with patient and staff while accessing medical records or reviewing clinical data.

At the remote location, the robot provides a convenient, moveable platform for delivering state-of-the-art remote presence capabilities across a broad array of locations.


Exams and consultation conducted by telehealth are reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. Most insurance carriers will also cover telehealth exams and consults. By remotely visiting locations, a physician can see more rural patients without the long drive for either the patient or the physician.

Available locations

The remote platform is currently at the Specialty Clinic at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital and at Salem Memorial Hospital.

For more information or to schedule time with the Telehealth solution, please call Phyllis Russell-Smith at 314-996-4053.

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