Breast Cancer Research and Expertise

Our comprehensive breast care is provided by our multidisciplinary team of leading specialists who coordinate care through each step of treatment. Our goal always is to combine the best of science with compassionate care for every individual patient.

Missouri Baptist is a component of the Heartland Cancer Research CCOP, a National Cancer Institute designated

Community Heartland provides St. Louis County patients, and patients in rural areas of southeastern Missouri, the opportunity to participate in more than 50 active research projects.  Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP). The CCOP award has allowed us to expand our involvement in clinical research trials, enhancing our ability to provide newly developed cancer prevention and cancer treatment advances to the community. 

Research discoveries have altered the breast cancer landscape in genetic screening, prevention, imaging, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, both for adjuvant therapy and the treatment of metastatic disease, including the use of molecular genetics to tailor therapies for each individual patient.
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