Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Genetic Counseling - FAQs

The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Genetic Counseling Program at Missouri Baptist Medical Center provides patients with extensive resources for understanding hereditary risk, prevention, and early detection of breast and other cancers. Below are some frequently asked questions about breast cancer risk and the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Management Program.

Why is it important to know my personal breast cancer risk?

The key to finding cancer early is appropriate screening.  Annual mammograms, beginning at age 40, continue to be the best tool for early detection of breast cancer in women of average risk.  However, if you are at increased risk, an assessment can assist you and your physician in deciding if additional screening measures should be considered. 

What is involved in the risk assessment?

At the time of your visit to our Breast Healthcare Center, you are asked to fill out a Breast Health History Form.  Certain answers to these questions may indicate that a more thorough assessment is needed.  The complete assessment takes only about 10-15 minutes, and can be done on the same day if convenient, or if you prefer, arrangements can be made to complete the interview by phone. 

Once the interview is complete, your risk profile is created utilizing electronic breast cancer risk modeling software.  This profile, along with your breast imaging is reviewed to develop a personalized screening plan based on your unique needs.

What happens if I am at increased risk for developing breast cancer?

Additional imaging exams may be recommended.  If you meet certain criteria, a breast MRI or breast ultrasound may be indicated annually in addition to your annual mammogram.  In addition, your physician may refer you to other specialists for more information and guidance.  We will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your assessment or resulting recommendations and will be a valuable resource for information, education and support.

Who will receive the results of my assessment?

You and your doctor will receive the results of the assessment and recommendations for your personalized screening plan.  All assessments are reviewed by a certified genetic counselor, a nurse who specializes in breast cancer risk, and a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging. 

How much does the risk assessment cost?

There is no additional cost for this service.  It is a complimentary part of the care provided to our breast imaging patients.

For more information on our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Genetic Counseling Program, call Missouri Baptist at 314-996-7594 or contact us online

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