Your First Visit to the Cancer Center

What to Bring

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete some general registration information.

Bring a list of your medications and the actual pill bottles, if possible.

If you have had X-rays or other imaging studies taken at a non-BJC hospital, please obtain the actual images and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Where to Park

Follow the signs to the Cancer and Infusion Center parking lot, which is located next to the hospital’s Emergency Department. 

Cancer Center Entrance

The Cancer Center entrance is next to the Emergency Department entrance. After you enter these doors, you will see an elevator that will take you down one floor directly to the Cancer Center waiting room.

  • The front desk registration staff will greet you and are there to help make your first visit as comfortable as possible. 
  • If you are having lab work done, a lab staff member will come for you.  
  • A nurse coordinator will then take you to a patient examination room to gather basic medical information about you and ask questions about allergies, medications and your preferred pharmacy. 
  • The doctor will then come in to see you for your appointment. 
  • Your doctor will tell you if you need further testing, a follow-up appointment or provide a referral to another physician.

For more information on our cancer services or to schedule an appointment at the Cancer Care Center, call (314) 996-5000 or contact us online.


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