Heartland Cancer Research

Heartland Cancer Research

Your Gateway to Lifesaving Clinical Trials

The Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) was designed in 1983 to engage community physicians in National Cancer Institute (NCI) clinical trials and thus improve the incorporation of research results into practice. The program was envisioned as a network that would participate in cancer treatment clinical trials and prepare to participate in and lead the way for innovative cancer prevention and control strategies. There are currently 47 funded CCOPs nationally and 16 minority-based CCOPs. The CCOP program is available at more than 395 hospitals and includes 3,375 oncologists. Missouri Baptist Medical Center has 50 or more clinical trials available at any given time.

In 2005, Missouri Baptist Cancer Center and its cancer specialists came together to form the Heartland Cancer Research Program and received NCI designation as a CCOP. Today, the CCOP program has a solid foundation and has dramatically improved access for cancer patients to NCI-sponsored clinical trials of innovative new cancer therapies, cancer preventive strategies, and interventions to reduce the symptoms associated with cancer.

Through Heartland Cancer Research Program, led by our oncologists, we can offer lifesaving cancer research trials to our patients. Find out more by visiting the Heartland Cancer Research Program website.

For more information on cancer research or clinical trials, call the Cancer Center at 314-996-5569 or contact us online.

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