Breakthrough Radiation Therapy - Rapid Arc™ Therapy

Missouri Baptist Cancer Center is the first and one of only a few oncology programs in Missouri to offer a FDA-approved radiation oncology treatment called RapidArc™ Therapy. This revolutionary technology provides faster and more precise cancer treatments and is a major medical advance in the way image-guided radiation therapy (IMRT) is planned and delivered to patients.

RapidArc™, which recently received two FDA approvals in the United States, delivers treatment more quickly and with added precision while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. No other technology offers this level of options for customizing treatments according to each patient’s specific needs. RapidArc™ is a treatment option for prostate, head and neck cancer, as well as some lung and breast tumors.

Patient Benefits: 

Additional patient benefits include:

  • Treatment time is two to eight times faster than the fastest dynamic treatments currently available. In fact, it offers high quality IMRT treatment in less than four minutes. 
  • More precise therapy plus a significant reduction in the margin of normal tissue affected by the radiation
  • Reduced side effects from treatment
  • Reduced patient wait time

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