Treatment Options for Valve Disease

Cardiac surgeons at MoBap talk about valve disease and new treatment methods, including minimally invasive surgery.

Valve disease is a complex condition, and the proper treatment sometimes can encompass the entire spectrum of medical care, interventional procedures and surgery. As a patient's condition becomes more complex, a multidisciplinary approach often is needed to arrive at an optimal treatment plan. Having a patient evaluated by a team of cardiologists and cardiac and vascular surgeons during a single visit often serves the best interests of the patient. 

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Mitral Valve - Replacement Versus Repair

Valve repair is the preferred treatment for mitral valve disease. Patients experience better outcomes, a better quality of life, as well as less surgical complications and risks with mitral valve repair compared to valve replacement. Some patients may qualify for minimally invasive mitral valve repair or replacement. Learn more about the qualifications and benefits. 

Valve replacement is sometimes necessary in mitral valve disease, and the experts at the Valve Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center offer valve replacement surgery using traditional gold-standard surgical techniques.

Aortic Valve - Replacement Versus Repair

Aortic valve conditions are most commonly treated with surgery. If the valve condition is complex or increases in severity, surgery is the best option to improve the quality and quantity of life. The Heart Valve Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center has performed more than 3,000 valve procedures in the past decade – three times the national average for most heart centers. Our cardiac surgeons offer the full spectrum of cardiac surgical procedures including less-invasive techniques for aortic repair or replacement. Because the specialists at the Valve Center perform more valve surgeries than most hospitals in the U.S., they bring a high skill level to treating this disease. Some patients may qualify for minimally invasive aortic valve repair or replacement. Learn more about the qualifications and benefits.

TAVR – The Newest Option: Aortic Valve Replacement Without Open Heart Surgery

A less invasive approach, called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, is available at the Heart Valve Center for patients with aortic stenosis who may have too many other medical conditions and/or do not otherwise qualify for traditional open heart surgery.



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