The Joint Replacement Center

Time to get moving. 

Remember all the things that you used to do so easily, until your hip or knee started slowing you down? Now imagine doing those things again, with all the confidence in the world. It’s not just a dream—it’s possible. And we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

In fact, you’ll have a team of Joint Replacement Center professionals dedicated to guiding you throughout the entire process. It’s a journey we take every day with people just like you. But make no mistake; we can’t do it alone. We need your help and active participation.

You might say we’re partners in making a healthier you.

  • World class medicine for elective total knee replacement and hip replacement.
  • More than 4,500 patients are back on their feet (and counting).
  • Currently ranked in the top 10 percent nationwide for patient satisfaction.

Better joint care by design. 

There’s nothing else like it anywhere. A state-of-the-art Joint Replacement Center built from the ground up with only one goal in mind: to help you get better, faster. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind program, based on the best thinking of advanced joint centers across the country. And then adding the secret ingredient that makes all things possible. You, and your commitment to share responsibility for your own health.

We’re going to make a great team. So let’s get started.

To locate a surgeon in our Joint Replacement Center, or to schedule an appointment, call MoBap at 314-996-3627 or email us.

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