Patient Guide

Time to turn the page.

And the life you’ve imagined. The Joint Replacement Center Patient Guide shows you how, in 11 easy-to-follow steps. It’s our own, unique process—developed by orthopedic surgeons and other caregivers who have the same goal as you: to watch you walk out our door on your own two feet, with a smile on your face. We’ll be smiling, too.

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Ready to Move with MoBap? Then, let’s get started!

Your recovery starts on the day of surgery, to help you regain strength, mobility and prepare you for independence when you go home. To recover faster, you’ll need to actively participate in our accelerated therapy program. Every step along the way, we’ll treat you as a ‘well’ patient—encouraging you to get out of bed and be as active as possible from day one.

11 steps to a new you: 

  1. Meet Your Joint Replacement Center Team: Dedicated specialists, your Joint Coach and you—all working together.
  2. Get Moving to Get Healthy: Start by thinking like a ‘well’ person (that’s how we see you!).
  3. 6– 8 Weeks before Surgery: Prepare early, so you can recover faster.
  4. 2 – 3 Weeks before Surgery: Visit the Surgical Evaluation Center.
  5. 1 Week before Surgery: Ask yourself these important questions.
  6. A Few Days before Surgery: Prepare your home -- see checklist.
  7. Night before Surgery: Review your final checklists.
  8. Day of Surgery: Learn what happens, step by step.
  9. The Joint Replacement Center After Surgery: See what to expect, from the moment you arrive to discharge.
  10. Care for Yourself at Home: Stay on the move with these next steps.
  11. Stay Healthy: Keep up the good work after your therapy ends!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 314-996-3627 or contact us online.

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