What Our Patients Say

At the Joint Replacement Center, our goal is to provide quality orthopedic care with excellent service. We are always touched by the kind words and feedback from our patients, recognizing our staff for the extraordinary care and compassion they provide patients. The following is a sample of some of the comments we’ve received from our patients:

On the Other Side of Knee Pain.

Joint Replacement St. Louis, MO

It began as a burning sensation and a feeling of instability in her right knee. By the time Claire C. took a trip to Italy, the symptoms had worsened and she fell during the trip.

“It was a bad fall – my pants ripped and my leg was bleeding. For seven days, we walked everywhere on cobblestone streets because there were no sidewalks. I was in pain and feared falling again. I felt as if I left pieces of my right knee all over Italy,” she said.

When I came home, that was it! I knew I needed to see an orthopedist, so I made an appointment with Dr. Richard Johnston. The X-rays showed that I had no remaining cartilage in my right knee. Dr. Johnston answered all my questions and made me feel as if I was the only patient in his office.”

Dr. Richard Johnston, an orthopedic surgeon on staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center said, “There’s an upcoming epidemic of baby boomers who fall into two categories – they’re either athletic or physically large. Many, in both of these categories of boomers, are headed toward knee replacements due to their lifestyles.”

“My visit to Missouri Baptist Medical Center was outstanding from the moment I arrived and continued until I was discharged. The entire team that took care of me were not only experts professionally, but they also took the time to be human and caring. Your staff dealt with each patient as an individual. I know how difficult it is to put a team together that actually gets work accomplished. It’s even more difficult to assemble a team that enjoys each other and their work. Your team took the time to make sure I was doing as well as possible.”

– Total knee replacement patient, 2012

“Thank you to Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s competent, efficient and caring orthopedic department. Your care team provided the best care and consideration I have ever received in any hospital. They made my hospital stay a pleasure.”

– Total knee replacement patient, 2011

“When I came to Missouri Baptist for hip replacement surgery, everyone I encountered was a delight. They all made me feel like I was at home. From the top to the bottom, I very much appreciated the care and treatment I received. I actually got lost when I first arrived at the hospital, and a painter walked me to where I needed to go.” 

– Hip replacement surgery, 2012

“I had my first total knee replacement surgery in December 2009 at Missouri Baptist. I was really anxious about the procedure. Thankfully, the pre-surgery class instructors addressed most of my concerns, and I received a great deal of support and comfort from my care team throughout my stay at the hospital. I appreciated their taking the time to walk me through everything, so I knew what to expect. With their guidance, I got through my recovery and therapy beautifully. My experience was so positive the first time around that I decided to have my other knee done six months later. Today, I am pain-free and more active than I’ve been in years. And I am so grateful to the orthopedic team at Missouri Baptist for helping me through it all.”

– Total knee replacement patient, 2011

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