Scheduling Your Patients

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, our Imaging department is committed to working with your office staff to schedule patients as quickly as possible. We know that you may refer a patient to us for an imaging study before you see the patient. Or, you may send a patient to us during an office visit. With our “Just-Say-Yes” program, we try to accommodate same-day appointments.

We offer three ways to schedule your patients:

Electronic Scripting

A new system is now in place that allows our Imaging Center to receive electronic physician orders. Within 30 seconds of placing an order, our center will receive your order. This program is available to any physician office.

Appointment Scheduling Kiosk

Conveniently located in the adjoining lobbies of Buildings A and B, fully staffed to work with individuals one-on-one, the free-standing kiosk is dedicated to helping your patients schedule all the appointments they may need. Your patients will receive pre-test instructions, too. It’s our goal to reduce the amount of time your staff devotes to scheduling and personally assist your patients with all their testing needs.

Centralized Scheduling
To contact our centralized scheduling, please call: 314-996-5170.

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