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Champions For Care

As a friend of Missouri Baptist Medical Center, you know that we place a premium on delivering compassionate care to our patients. It takes many caring donors to make it possible.

Today, we hope you'll consider partnering with a special group of MoBap donors called Champions for Care. Each year, the Champions designate their giving to a group fundraising project that will elevate the quality of patient care.

Who is a Champion for Care?

A Champion for Care is a MoBap donor who commits to a specific giving level, either outright or on a giving schedule, that helps to improve patient care each year. Champions may choose from four giving levels and time their donations to fit their preference.

Annual minimum


2021 Project Goal

As you know, mammography is our number one screening tool for early detection of breast abnormalities or cancer.  Missouri Baptist Medical Center is committed to providing this critical service to all women in St. Louis and in 30 counties in Missouri, regardless of a woman’s ability to pay for her mammogram through private or public health insurance.

The MoBap Mammography Van, funded completely through the generosity of many donors, travels to these various sites providing easy access for women near where they live or work.  Currently, under and uninsured patients account for approximately one third of MoBap’s Mammography Van patients.  Funding to cover the screening mammography costs for those under- and uninsured patients came from an organization that can no longer support the program. To continue taking care of these women, Missouri Baptist Medical Center has turned to its Foundation to sustain and expand our van screening.

The Foundation has a long and proud history of supporting community health needs and has embarked on a special effort to raise these needed funds through our Champions for Care annual campaign.

2021 Virtual Summer Series on Breast Cancer

As part of our Champions for Care program, we’ve gathered some of our area’s top physicians and experts in the fields of breast cancer genetics and overall breast health after your initial diagnosis and research and treatment options available.

Each of the 30-minute + recordings are part of the Champions for Care program, committed to raising $160,000 to ensure the underserved women throughout the St. Louis region can receive breast health education and a screening mammogram.

Past Projects

2016: New infusion chairs for the Cancer and Infusion Center
2017: Underwrite early testing and diagnosis for breast cancer patients at risk of lymphedema
2018: New radiant warmers for Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
2019: New dialysis machines for inpatient dialysis unit
2020: Fund both a second lung nurse navigator and screenings for those who can’t afford their copay

Become a Champion:

Fill out the form below and a member of our Foundation team will contact you to set up your monthly donation.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Champions for Care program or to become a Champion today email Deborah Kersting at [email protected] or call 314.660.9956.

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