Champions For Care

As a friend of Missouri Baptist Medical Center, you know that we place a premium on delivering compassionate care to our patients. It takes many caring donors to make it possible.

Today, we hope you'll consider partnering with a special group of MoBap donors called Champions For Care. Each year, the Champions designate their giving to a group fundraising project that will elevate the quality of patient care.

Who is a Champion For Care?

A Champion For Care is a MoBap donor who commits to a specific giving level, either outright or on a giving schedule, that helps to improve patient care each year. Champions may choose from four giving levels and time their donations to fit their preference.

Annual minimum
All Star
Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year


2019 Project Goal

In 2019, the Champions will be raising funds to purchase new dialysis machines for our inpatient dialysis unit.

Our dialysis unit saw a 63% increase in dialysis patients from 2017 to 2018. Given an aging population and increasing rates of diabetes in our community, these numbers are projected to continue to grow.

Currently, the average age of the machines in the dialysis unit is 10.8 years, with the oldest being 13 years old. The manufacturer’s lifespan on the current machines is 10 years. In order to meet the growing demand, these machines need to be updated with more efficient and reliable machines.

Past Projects

2016: New infusion chairs for the Cancer and Infusion Center
2017: Underwrite early testing and diagnosis for breast cancer patients at risk of lymphedema
2018: New radiant warmers for Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Contact Us

To learn more about the Champions for Care program or to become a Champion today contact Jennifer Sherer, Foundation officer, at 314-996-7982 or by email.

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