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Champions For Care

As a friend of Missouri Baptist Medical Center, you know that we place a premium on delivering compassionate care to our patients. It takes many caring donors to make it possible.

Today, we hope you'll consider partnering with a special group of MoBap donors called Champions for Care. Each year, the Champions designate their giving to a group fundraising project that will elevate the quality of patient care.

Who is a Champion for Care?

A Champion for Care is a MoBap donor who gives at the Leadership level of $500 or more toward a patient care improvement project each year either outright or as a monthly Sustaining member.  Since 2016 the Champions for Care Leadership Giving Level has provided much-needed equipment, education, access to excellent health care, and life-saving screenings. 

Annual minimum


2022 Project Goal

Thousands of patients and their families confidently go to Missouri Baptist Medical Center Emergency Room every day to find compassionate coordinated care which they have counted on since 1962.  Today the impact of Covid-19 has been felt around the world exhausting many hospital resources, especially in the ER.  Now more than ever we are grateful to donors who have supported the Foundation's charitable gifts with patient care improvements in the hospital as well as in our community.  Since 2016 the Champions for Care Leadership Giving Level has provided much-needed equipment, education, access to excellent health care, and life-saving screenings.  Champions for Care have had a significant impact on patient care through its ongoing support of important patient care projects.  

We are excited to announce the 2022 project:  

The purchase of new patient beds/stretchers for the Emergency Room.   These new stretcher beds will provide the following upgrades for both patients, family members, physicians, and nurses:

  • Integrated Scale 
  • Electronic control enables the patient to adjust the bed to improve comfort
  • Electric Lift
  • Gel Bed for patient comfort while reducing the risk of pressure injury
  • Advance mobility functionality reduces staff strain and injury by reducing push staff strain and injury by reducing push force by 50% and steering force by 60%, virtually eliminating manual pushing
  • Fall Reduction due to an improved Exit System
  • Recovery chair position helps eliminate the need for unnecessary transfers by providing a comfortable seated position
  • Bed Alarm system

Past Projects

2016: New infusion chairs for the Cancer and Infusion Center
2017: Underwrite early testing and diagnosis for breast cancer patients at risk of lymphedema
2018: New radiant warmers for Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
2019: New dialysis machines for inpatient dialysis unit
2020: Fund both a second lung nurse navigator and screenings for those who can’t afford their copay
2021: Fund Breast Screenings for Underinsured and Uninsured Men and Women on the MoBap Mammography Van

Become a Champion:

Fill out the form below and a member of our Foundation team will contact you to set up your monthly Sustaining donation and updates on CFC projects. 

Contact Us

To learn more about the Champions for Care program or to become a Champion today email Deborah Kersting at [email protected] or call 314.660.9956.

Make a gift of any size and join the thousands who have come before you — and set a noble example for generations to come.

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