Four Generations and Counting

Four generations of strong women, who feel the need to give, have and continue to make their mark in the world and especially here at MoBap.

Patti Ham has followed her mother, Gem Pope’s footsteps, in volunteering at MoBap. Patti has served on the Auxiliary Board, and began a book lending program for our patients.

Now, after 39 years of volunteering, Patti can be found every Thursday at the welcome desk saying hello to patients and visitors. She provides directions and information about the hospital. Patti is well known, she can sit in the main hallway of our hospital and physicians, nurses, techs, housekeepers, engineers, and every in between know Patti. People love sharing information with her about their children, grandchildren, parents and life in general. Patti is truly part of the MoBap family.

Patti's love of charity and volunteering has continued with her daughter, Tracy Schumacher, who volunteered at MoBap when she was in high school and now Tracy's daughter, Gretchen Ham, is looking forward to the day that she is old enough to volunteer.

If you would like more information on how to join our volunteer team please call 314.996.5132.

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