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The Gift of Giving Back

Being a volunteer can be connected to protecting long-term health. Those who volunteer often experience lower mortality rates, increased ability, and lower rates of depression compared to non-volunteers.

Giving time and talent to others can often create a sense of appreciation or of being valued. These increased positive feelings can release dopamine. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, serves as a chemical messenger between the nerve cells and the brain, including the feeling of pleasure. When released, dopamine can have a stress-reducing effect.

Reduced stress can have a beneficial impact on mental and physical health, such as decreasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, and anxiety. By building a support system based on similar interests, volunteering can also help nurture new and existing relationships.

Jean and Joyce, neighbors and best friends, discovered that benefit over the last few years while volunteering at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MoBap) gift shop. “After a volunteer event at MoBap, I called Joyce, and we signed up together,” says Jean.

Twice a week, Jean and Joyce assist customers with purchases, stock shelves, and help where needed. One of their favorite activities is talking to visitors.

“We’ve met amazing people. Sometimes, it’s a grandparent who is over the moon about a new baby or someone who is going home after an extended stay. Other times, it might be a family member whose loved one is struggling,” Joyce says.

Jean nods, “We listen and celebrate with them in their joy or offer simple words of comfort.”

MoBap retail shop manager Laura Childers says, “We are thankful to have a loyal group of volunteers,” she says. “We have 26 volunteers and have room to add more.”

Jean and Joyce agree that MoBap is a great place to volunteer. “We always have fun,” Joyce says.

Jean adds, “It’s great forming connections with visitors and having these experiences. It makes us feel like we are making a difference.”

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play an important role at MoBap. They share a range of talents and experiences, helping extend MoBap’s mission of service to the community and promoting an environment of emotional and physical well-being. Join our volunteer team today!

Make a gift of any size and join the thousands who have come before you — and set a noble example for generations to come.

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