Caring Collaboration at the Missouri Baptist NICU

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) we’ve brought together Missouri Baptist NICU staff with pediatricians from St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University Neonatologists to care for premature babies with birth weight of more than 1000 grams and gestational age of more than 28 weeks. This unique collaboration allows for unparalleled quality care for premature babies as well as those with special health needs, high risk situations and multiple births.

In addition, through our own Center for Women’s Wellness and Fetal Health, we provide a team of Washington University obstetricians specially trained in high-risk pregnancies, genetic counselors, ultrasound technologists, nurses, perinatologists and pediatric specialists who are experts in preventative care. Meaning that we don’t just react to emergencies. We take measures to prevent and control complications.

Your baby receives this top-level care without having to leave Missouri Baptist. But rest assured, should your baby require surgery or an extremely high level of care, he or she will be transferred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

At every high-risk delivery, in addition to the delivery team, there is a pediatrician or neonatologist, and a specially-trained nurse who are there specifically for the babies. If you are having multiple babies, there is a team for each baby.

The NICU team also has a number of specialized therapist. The occupational therapist is a specialist of newborn development specifically any feeding issues that may occur. Another type of therapist in the NICU is a physical therapist. They assess and work with newborns on muscle tone and movement. The respiratory therapist aids newborns in breathing. The NICU has a social worker available for any unique family needs. The dietician is specialized in the nutrition and growth of the newborn.

All of these staff members work together to provide exceptional care not only for your baby, but your family too. Our goal is the work together, both staff and family, to provide family-centered care. Family centered care allows you to get to know your new baby, such as how they respond to stimulation and noises. This information can be helpful to NICU staff members when creating a plan of care of your baby. We encourage you to participate in changing the diaper, feeding, bathing, and dressing your baby. Working together as a collaborative team results in the best possible experience for you and your baby.

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