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Stress & Burnout

Urgent/counseling or Grief/loss

Stress Reduction/Relaxation

Tips for Managing Anger 
Tips on Managing Stress
Relaxation Techniques
Mini-Relaxation Exercises
See Mindfulness/Self Compassion classes/resources
Work & Well-Being Toolkit for Physicians

Test Yourself

Stress screen
Anxiety screen
PTSD screen
Alcohol use  

General Stress

Types of Stress
Stress Signs and Symptoms
Six Myths about Stress  

Work Stress

Workplace Stress

Traumatic Stress

Coping with Traumatic Stress
What is Post-Traumatic Growth?


Physician Resilience and Burnout - Can You Make the Switch?
Reversing Burnout: How to rekindle your passion for your work
Physician Satisfaction, Burnout and Patient Care Quality - lecture slides Dr. Mark Linzer
Banishing Burnout, Leiter and Maslach, 2005 ISBN-13: 978-0470448779
Faculty Health in Academic Medicine: Physicians, Scientists, and the Pressures of Success, Cole, Goodrich, Gritz, 2008 ISBN-13: 978-1603274500
What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine, Ofri D, 2014 ISBN-13: 978-0807033302

Adverse Event and Litigation Stress

Coping with Adverse Patient Outcomes

Physician Litigation Stress Resource Center - excellent, comprehensive including
Litigation Stress Video (3 min.)
Coping with a Medical Malpractice Suit

Contact your medical specialty, medical society or insurance group for support resources, such as ACOG: Coping with the Stress of Professional Liability Litigation

Adverse Events, Stress, and Litigation: a Physician’s Guide Charles SC, Risch PR, 2005 ISBN-13: 978-0195171488
How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: the Physician’s Roadmap for Success.  Brenner IR, 2010 ISBN-13: 978-1444331301  

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