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Test Yourself


Altruism Quiz - Great Good Science Center

Anxiety, PTSD:

Anxiety screen - Mental Health America


Workplace Burnout Quiz from Christina Maslach and Michael Leitner, courtesy of Scientific American.


Anyone can experience depression, including physicians,and especially in medical training. Rate yourself with this Depression screen. 

How well do you read other people? Quiz from Greater Good Science Center


Also from the Greater Good Science Center, try this empathy quiz.


How happy are you? From Dr. Martin Seligman, director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, take a variety of questionnaires relating to happiness, optimism, gratitude, personal strengths and life meaning. Log in required for cumulative anonymous research purposes. Privacy policy.


Mindfulness Quiz from Greater Good Science Center.

Physical Fitness:

4 part physical fitness test - Mayo Clinic


This PTSD Screen  from the PTSD Association of Canada

Relationship Trust:

Relationship Trust Quiz - Greater Good Science Center


Perfectionistic? Hard on yourself? Rate your level of self-compassion from the website of Kristin Neff, PhD, creator of the validated self-compassion scale.


Sleepiness Scale - Epworth Scale.


Stress screen - Mental Health America

Substance use:

Evaluate your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors concerning alcohol use - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse

Work-Life Balance:

Quiz - Canadian Mental Health Association

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