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Arrhythmia Center Testing and Treatment

The Arrhythmia Center at Missouri Baptist is at the forefront of technologies that enhance patient lives. We offer a comprehensive approach including every type of heart diagnostic testing and arrhythmia treatment, and a robotic system that can safely treat and sometimes cure types of arrhythmia that other centers cannot.

Missouri Baptist is the only St. Louis area hospital to offer the latest Stereotaxis Robotic Ablation system, called EPOCH. This system enables our electrophysiologists to navigate the heart with more accuracy and speed than non-robotic ablation equipment. 

Dr. Karthik Ramaswamy and Dr. Andrew Krainik are among a few specialists in the region to have experience with the Stereotaxis system. Dr. Ramaswamy has been using the system since 2005 and has educated physicians around the world in the technique. He was first in the world to perform a bidirectional, transatlantic live case demonstration of the technology, and among the first to demonstrate its advantages in reducing radiation exposure and improving safety for patients undergoing catheter ablation.

Stereotaxis technology is a major innovation in cardiovascular care. For patients with complex arrhythmias, robotic technology can offer treatment options that otherwise would not be possible.

Benefits include:
- Enhanced safety of the procedure
- Patient experiences less exposure to radiation
- Allows physicians to pair their expertise with the specialized mapping available through the robotic system.

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