Understanding Your Results

Your doctor is your partner when it comes to your health care. He/she knows your complete medical history and can accurately assess your test results once they are available.

Here’s what will happen after your images have been taken:
• A board-certified radiologist will examine and interpret your test images.
• A written report will be sent to your doctor within two business days following the day of your test.
• Your doctor will review the results and discuss them with you at your next scheduled appointment, or at a time agreed upon by you and your doctor.
• If you have any questions concerning your images, please contact your doctor’s office for more information.
• If you would like to obtain a CD of your images, please call 314-996-5180.
• If you would like to receive your test results at home, please sign up for myBJC.org in the Film Library located near the Ballas Boutique.

If you would like to authorize additional individuals to receive a copy of your written report, please download the authorization forms from our Request Medical Records page.

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