Physician Communication Workshop - CME credit provided

This is Year 3 of workshops to improve communication between physicians and patients or, as in this year, between physicians.

The case under review is a real one from MBMC.  Four different physicians gave four different prognoses and treatment plans to the patient and family—with disastrous consequences.

Patients and families frequently complain to me about the lack of a single coherent plan—a single voice—from the physicians.  Lack of communication between physicians at best just makes us look foolish or incompetent; at worst it leads to poor medicine.

This workshop is designed to help us avoid this problem. We hope to develop practical solutions based on suggestions from you. That’s why it’s so important for you to sign up and participate.  Give us your experience and wisdom.

Contact: or text to 314-614-4349 to sign up.

Meeting Information:

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