Missouri Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Center Directory

Outpatient Services
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
100   CT, MRI 314.525.0519
140   General Radiology, Screening Mammography, Bone Density, Ultrasound 314.525.0505
110   Laboratory 314.525.0495
115 Debbie Roth, RD, LD, CDE Diabetes and Nutritional Counseling 314.996.4360
Missouri Baptist Cancer and Infusion Center
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
130 Michael Bolger, MD Hematology/Oncology 314.525.0550
  Belal Firwana, MD Hematology/Oncology 314.525.0550
  Melissa Rooney, MD Hematology/Oncology 314.525.0550
Sunset Hills Adult Medicine
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
120 Hiralben Gandhi, NP Internal Medicine 314.525.0490
  Mark Gunby, DO Internal Medicine/Gerontology 314.525.0490
  Howard Kohn, MD Internal Medicine 314.525.0490
  Kathleen Lowe, MD Internal Medicine/ Gerontology 314.525.0490
  Sarah Martin, FNP Internal Medicine 314.525.0490
  M. Philip Mathew, DO Internal Medicine 314.525.0490
  Jean Mueller, GNP Internal Medicine/ Gerontology 314.525.0490
  Rama Naidu, MD Internal Medicine 314.525.0490
  Katharine Ponzillo, MD Palliative Care 314.305.1447
Multi-Specialty Office
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
125 William Critchlow, MD Urology 314.567.6071
  Erin Gardner, MD Dermatology 314.997.7546
  Robert Kramer, MD Orthopedic Surgery 314.569.0612
  Glen Johnson, MD Orthopedic Surgery 314.733.9009
  Jeffrey Mormol, MD OB/GYN 314.842.0340
  Tricia Pavlopoulos, MD Nephrology 314.720.0900
  Robert Rilpuou, MD Endocrinology 314.996.5900
  Michelle Salvatore, WHNP OB/GYN 314.842.0340
  Sunitha Sequeira, MD ENT 314.996.4790
  Aman Singh, MD Gastroenterology 314.997.0554
  Matthew Spellman, MD Urology 314.567.6071
  Alyssa Wait, MD Colon & Rectal Surgery 314.991.4644
  Elizabeth Williams, MD Urology Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery 314.567.6071
BJC Home Infusion
Suite     Phone
2A   314.953.2000
OB/GYN Associates of St. Louis
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
210 Michelle Burk, WHNP OB/GYN 314.525.0420
  Cherese Collins, MD OB/GYN 314.525.0420
  Erin DuMontier, MD OB/GYN 314.525.0420
  Laura Mueller, MD OB/GYN 314.525.0420
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
212 Thomas Kirisits, DPM Podiatry 314.849.2333
Arch Pediatrics
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
216 Robert Atteberry, MD Pediatrics 314.525.0580
  Teresa Dillard, CPNP Pediatrics 314.525.0580
  Maria Granniger, MD Pediatrics 314.525.0580
  Marti Ianiri, CPNP Pediatrics 314.525.0580
  Steven Mueth, MD Pediatrics 314.525.0580
  Colleen Seematter, MD Pediatrics 314.525.0580
BJC Medical Group Family Medicine
Suite Provider Specialty Phone
235 Kathryn Coulson, MD Rheumatology 314.996.7930
  Junaid Munshi, MD Family Medicine 314.525.0560
  David Sewall, MD Cardiology 314.996.7272
  Christopher Speidel, MD Cardiology 314.996.7272
  Curtis Steyers, III, MD Electrophysiology 314.996.7272

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