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Missouri Baptist Bike Patrol Officers Gain a New Honorary Member

MoBap Bike Patrol Officers Paul Huffmon and Sonya Diehl with honorary bike officerSix-year-old Brayson and his great grandfather, James Wilder, were at MoBap recently with a family member. Waiting at a hospital isn't much fun during summer for an active boy. Luckily, James Wilder of North County keeps fun things in his vehicle for his great grandson. Today, it was a bike. 

Brayson was riding his bike around the MoBap emergency room parking lot when he noticed some rather important bikes and asked his grandfather about them. "Those are bike patrols for the security officers who work at this hospital," said James.

Two MoBap bike patrol officers, Paul Huffmon and Sonya Diehl, were getting back to patrol when they noticed Brayson in the parking lot. They stopped and shared a bit about what they do, Brayson was in awe, and he asked if he could ride with them on the parking lot. James agreed that it would be OK, and they all went on a short patrol together. After their ride, officers Huffmon and Diehl decided to make him an honorary bike patrol officer. Brayson was excited and so proud to join the team!

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