When you’ve made the right choice.

You just feel it.  The smile that greets you. The hand that guides you. The world class medicine that heals. More than what we say, it’s what we do. From the way our hospital is designed, to the feeling of community that embraces you.

We make your experience better, too. No hospital is meant to be home. But when you need the care of doctors and nurses, you need doctors and nurses who care. And a hospital that knows home is where you want to be most.         

  • At the heart of West St. Louis County, Interstate 270 and Highway 40/I-64.       
  • Part of BJC Healthcare, one of America’s most respected hospital systems.    
  • World class care for cardiac, cancer, orthopedic, gastrointestinal and women’s health services.

Doctors call it world class medicine. You’ll call it MoBap.

Winning national awards for quality care says a lot about our hospital. But all the awards in world will never mean more to us than the simple, heartfelt words of our patients… thank you.

Our Mission Is Your Health

To improve the health of the people and the communities we serve.

We Live Our Values

  • Integrity -- Adhering to strong moral and ethical principles
  • Compassion -- Responding to the feelings and needs of each person with kindness, concern and empathy
  • Respect -- Recognizing and honoring the dignity and uniqueness of each person
  • Excellence -- Providing competent, safe patient care in a proactive, effective and responsive manner
  • Accountability --  Taking ownership of work, actions, and outcomes
  • Teamwork -- Communicating and working with others for the benefit of all
  • Efficiency -- Committing to achieving top quality and safety outcomes in the most efficient manner
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