MoBap Employee Chosen for Diversity Fellowship

Carmen Murphy, Missouri Baptist Medical Center nursing resources manager, has been selected as a fellow in the St. Louis Regional Chamber 2013-14 Diversity Initiative Fellow Program.

The St. Louis Regional Chamber Initiative Fellowship is a one-year program focused on professional development, relationship building and civic engagement for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans or Asian Americans. Through volunteer and civic activities, professionals hone their skills, expand their relationships and deepen their connections with the broader community.

“As I grow in my career, I never want to lose sight of the patient,” says Murphy. “And this is an opportunity for me to become more connected with those who are affected by health care outside of these MoBap walls.”

Six other employees from across BJC also were selected for the St. Louis Regional Chamber 2013-14 Diversity Initiative Fellow Program. (See box at upper right.)

Nominated for the fellowship by her peers and fellow leaders at MoBap, Murphy is recognized at MoBap and across BJC as an outstanding talent and has been identified as a high-performing and high-potential leader, says Sandra Young, vice president of organizational effectiveness and human resources at MoBap and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

“MoBap and BJC are committed to developing our leaders, with a special focus on the minority talent in our organization,” Young says. “At MoBap, Carmen was identified as a potential successor to several senior leadership positions throughout the hospital, and her fellow leaders are committed to providing her the tools, resources, opportunities, exposure and support she needs to continue to be successful. This fellowship is an integral part of that plan and has already been added as a significant component to her development plan.

“The knowledge that Carmen will gain in the Diversity Initiative will assist her in her overall development, and more specifically, will assist her in the projects and stretch assignments she will be offered to prepare her for her next level in leadership,” Young says.

Only candidates with a full resume are accepted into the program. Requirements include employment for at least seven years, a college degree, community participation and demonstrated leadership. Young adds that Murphy meets and exceeds those requirements.

Murphy joined MoBap in 1997 as a staff nurse, was promoted to assistant nurse manager and, ultimately, was named manager of nursing resources. She spent four years focused on the growing field of clinical information systems, where she managed patient care systems and trained fellow nurses on the programs.

Murphy’s responsibilities increased from information technology at MoBap into BJC-wide policy and procedure development, where she served as the MoBap liaison to the Clinical Workflow Initiative. She was named MoBap’s Employee of the Year in 2009. As manager of nursing resources since 2010, she is responsible for staffing all inpatient units and the float pool.

“Health care is not what it used to be in 1988 when I graduated from nursing school,” Murphy says. “It’s not the same as it was last year. It’s not the same as it was in January. Change is constant, and the other fellows have ‘been there and done that.’ I look forward to learning from them so I can learn to be more flexible.”

Outside of work, Murphy raises her two teenagers and takes an active role in their school activities. A woman of faith, she also volunteers for multiple leadership roles in her church, including the children’s ministry she developed herself to teach children early in their spiritual life.

Prior to joining MoBap, Murphy served as a case manager at HealthSouth and as a staff nurse in the trauma intensive care unit at Saint Louis University Medical Center.

Murphy received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Rockhurst University Resource College of Nursing in Kansas City, Mo.


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