The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. 

About The DAISY Foundation 

The DAISY Foundation was established in 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died of complications of an auto-immune disease at the age of 33. DAISY is an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system. 

During Pat’s eight-week hospitalization, his family was awestruck by the care and compassion his nurses provided, not only to Pat but to everyone in his family. So one of the goals they set in creating a foundation in Pat’s memory was to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere who make an enormous difference in the lives of so many people through the work they do everyday. 

DAISY Award Hospital Partner 

Missouri Baptist Medical Center is proud to be a DAISY Award Hospital Partner. Each month, we recognize one of our nurses with this special honor. To find out more about the program, including the growing list of hospital partners, please go to www.DAISYfoundation.org. 

Nominate a Nurse for the DAISY Award 

Nurses who are selected for a DAISY Award personify a remarkable patient experience at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Awardees consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care and they are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community. 

Each DAISY Award honoree will be recognized at a public ceremony in her/his unit and will receive a certificate, a DAISY Award pin and a hand-carved stone sculpture titled, “A Healer’s Touch.” Additionally, everyone in the unit will celebrate with Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls – a favorite of Patrick’s during his illness.

The Barnes Family asks that nurses stop for a moment and think about how special they are whenever and wherever they smell that wonderful cinnamon aroma. 

The DAISY Award

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DAISY Award Winners

Christina Thomas Wins DAISY Award in August 2015

Christina Thomas, RN, float pool, won the August DAISY Award. A patient’s wife nominated her. “My husband was a patient with terminal cancer,” says the nomination. “When Christina came on duty for the night shift, she informed us that he was in trouble. She called in a team of doctors to confirm her findings, and they agreed with her. She then told us that he didn’t have long to live. She explained exactly what was going to happen. She detailed each thing as it was happening. She took excellent care of him to keep him comfortable. Her compassion for my husband and our family made his passing bearable for our family.”

Angela Fraley Wins DAISY Award in July 2015

Angela Fraley was awarded the July DAISY Award for demonstrating extraordinary compassion to a patient family earlier this year.

As a Rapid Response Team (RRT) nurse, Fraley responded to a call for a patient in distress. Although ultimately the RRT members determined there were no measures possible to prolong the patient’s life, it was difficult for Fraley to accept that answer and walk away.

To be absolutely certain, she called the patient’s doctor for a consult and he concurred that additional efforts would only prolong the natural outcome. Fraley then called the patient’s spouse to share the news, and when the family member had no way to get to the hospital in time to say goodbye, Fraley went the extra mile to arrange for transportation.

Thanks to Fraley’s compassionate actions, the patient and spouse were able to spend final moments together, following decades of marriage.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and all of this wouldn’t have been possible had Angela accepted there was nothing we could do,” her nominator wrote.

“She granted a final wish by demonstrating compassion for this couple.”

Nannette Sansoucie Wins DAISY Award in June 2015

Nannette Sansoucie, a nurse on the 5th floor, is an awesome nurse and team player. She consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her.

One specific example was with an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit patient. Nannette developed a great relationship with him. She worked an extra day to be with him and make him more comfortable. The patient was not up to eating so Nannette asked him what his favorite food is. Without hesitation, she used her one money to have chicken wings delivered for him. 

This is an example of the countless times that team members have seen Nannette take care of patients the way she would her own family.

Congratulations, Nannette Sansoucie!

Mary Manley Wins DAISY Award in May 2015

Mary Manley, a nurse on the 5th floor, is a new and excellent nurse. Many people have witnessed the way that Mary interacts with her patients. She has a very sweet, gentle, and calm presence. She brings a sense of calm confidence when working with patients. 

She goes above and beyond what is expected to deliver truly exceptional care. She focuses on patient education and treats everyone with the utmost respect. Mary is always happy to accept new admissions. It is this type of attitude and teamwork that makes Mary a true asset to the 5th floor.

Congratulations, Mary Manley!

Nikki Wikoff Wins DAISY Award in March 2015

Nikki Wikoff, a night shift nurse on the surgical floor, won the March DAISY Award. She made a lasting positive impact on a patient. Here is what she had to say about Nikki:

"As a single mother of 3, surgery of any kind can be scary to you and to your loved ones. Having compassionate, knowledgeable and responsive staff during your stay sets the stage by getting the patient focused on the positive aspects of recovery.

"Nikki was my night shift nurse. She was attentive, informative, caring and engaged throughout the night. She was personable and seemed to want to connect with me as a patient. I learned a lot about her and she learned about me, which made for an effective way for me to focus on something other than the pain and discomfort. Her efforts were greatly appreciated.

"I found it a great testament to BJC that we employ such a high caliber of nurse. It takes a special person to exude that kind of energy and charisma along with nursing care and expertise on a night shift (which we might all find challenging to do at 2 a.m.). Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the care I received from Nikki and the other excellent nurses and patient care techs at MBMC. Thank you all for getting me back on my feet and home to my boys."

Congratulations, Nikki Wikoff!

Caitlin Battistich Wins DAISY Award in February 2015

Caitlin Battistich RN, BSN is a nurse in the ICU. Here is what one patient’s husband had to say about Caitlin:

"My wife was admitted to the fifth floor ICU unit facing heart, lung and kidney problems with potentially life ending consequences. From a staff of highly skilled and proficient nurses, one stood out from the rest. Caitlin displayed exceptional technical skill and medical knowledge, mixed with the tenderness of loving care and positive attitude. She greatly enhanced the recovery process. I cannot adequately express our gratitude for knowing her and being under her loving grace. MoBap is truly blessed to have care providers of this caliber."

Congratulations, Caitlin Battistich!

Lynn Freeland Wins DAISY Award in January 2015

Lynn Freeland, BSN, RN on the ACC was joined at the DAISY presentation by the woman who nominated her. This is what she had to say about Freeland:

"My Mom was admitted to MoBap after a massive heart attack. Lynn was her nurse. We went home for the night knowing she was in good hands. Mom had symptoms that Lynn felt warranted a call to alert us. Based on that conversation we decided to come back to the hospital. When we arrived, the situation had progressed to the need to move her to ICU. Lynn's attention to her condition was outstanding. She moved her quickly and then took the time to stop and give me a hug and share a personal story with me. I felt a true bond with her.

"When Mom was transferred back to the third floor, Lynn stopped to see us and tell us she was so happy to see Mom's name on the patient list. Unfortunately, my mom passed away. Lynn was not her nurse the night she died. She was working at the time and when she found out what was happening, she went in to be with Mom. She was with Mom when she died. I was so thankful to know she was with her and cared so much. We cried together that night. MoBap should be proud and thankful to have a nurse like Lynn."

Congratulations and thank you for your excellent care, Lynn Freeland!

Laura Steiner Wins DAISY Award in December 2014

These kind words come from a patient's husband, "Laura was our night shift nurse during the majority of our stay. Laura formed a bond with my wife. She used her own experiences to be empathetic with my wife and make the connection on a personal level. She was able to trust Laura, allowing her to sleep easier at night. She spent hours with both of us, ensuring my wife had top-notch care. Words cannot describe the impact she had on my wife. Laura provided amazing care!"

Congratulations, Laura Steiner!

Lauren Frazier Wins DAISY Award in November 2014

Lauren went above and beyond for a patient and his family. When she learned that a patient's grandson wished to get married on her floor so the patient could witness, she jumped into action. She organized other team members and created an area where the couple could get married. She purchased decorations from the gift shop and even had her mother drop off a few items. Frazier made it as special as she possibly could and the family was incredibly grateful.

Congratulations and thank you to Lauren Frazier!

Bev Guthrie and Brittany Patrias Win DAISY Awards in October 2014

Both nurses went above and beyond to make sure their patient was comfortable and well cared for. This patient is extremely claustrophobic and was scheduled for a MRI. Bev arranged for the doctor to give the patient a higher dose of medicine. It was still not enough to even get the patient in the MRI scanner. Bev proactively called the doctor for an IV medication to further calm the patient. It was enough to complete the procedure. Upon returning to the floor, Bev orchestrated a cheering team to congratulate the patient on completing the test.

When Brittany took over care and came in to do her initial assessment, she became concerned about the patient being too sedated. She made an excellent decision to hold sedation. She came in quite frequently to make sure the patient was okay. She continued to watch the patient closely until everything returned to normal.

The patient said, "These two RNs treated me with the utmost care and demonstrated that excellence is a priority to them. It was an honor to have them as my RNs."

Jessie Giesler Wins DAISY Award in August 2014

A patient said, "Wikipedia defines excellence as 'Excellence: a talent or quality which is unusually good and surpasses ordinary standards.' I define Excellence as Jessie Giesler."

Jessie listened to and addressed every concern and question the patient had. She dropped everything else to ensure that he had the best possible experience that he could. She made the patient feel important.

He went on to say, "Jessie's level of empathy, professionalism, integrity, honesty, compassion and commitment all combined to make my stay at MBMC a most memorable one. She is the single most patient-focused caregiver I have ever encountered." Congratulations to Jessie Giesler on this well deserved honor!

Amy Gambino Wins DAISY Award in July 2014

Amy Gambino, RN, was presented with the July DAISY Award for her extraordinary care and compassion in the care of a dying patient. The patient’s daughter-in-law said, "She went above and beyond her normal nursing duties. She was calming, soothing, helpful, eager to do anything to help the family and most importantly, my father-in-law. She really made his passing such a comfortable and seamless process. I have been an RN for 26 years and I was so very impressed with her level of care." Thank you, Amy, for creating another MoBap Moment!

Teresa Smith Wins DAISY Award in June 2014

Teresa Smith, a nurse on the 6th floor, won a DAISY Award in June. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her patients are comfortable. One patient was having horrible heartburn and crying in pain. Not only did Teresa get medicine but she stayed with the patient until she calmed down and was finally able to get some rest. It is actions like these that make Teresa Smith an outstanding nurse and deserving of a DAISY award. Congratulations!

Paula Brooks Wins DAISY Award in May 2014

Labor and delivery nurse Paula Brooks was recognized for her excellence with a DAISY award. Paula is known for her outstanding work with mothers. One patient said, "She introduced herself to me and at that time I knew she was exactly who I needed to coach me through labor. As a first-time mom, I did not know what to expect. She took charge and was very confident, which was comforting to me." Paula is very knowledgeable and uses her skills to keep her patients properly informed and at ease during otherwise stressful situations. She does so in a manner that makes her patients feel comfortable and lets them know they are getting the best care. The patient went on to say, "She showed compassion and never made me feel rushed. She more than deserves recognition for her compassion, professionalism and extraordinary nurse care."

Mary Miles Wins DAISY Award in April 2014

These kind words come from a patient’s wife:

"Mary has provided by husband with many comforting moments over the last six months. Mary’s encouragement and manner of speaking has helped him gain confidence to go on. Mary has gone out of her way numerous times in the infusion lab to find my husband, even if another nurse is taking care of him for the day. He always lights up when he sees Mary. He knows he can not only ask her any question, but rely on her for help. For instance, he was in terrible pain one day so Mary contacted his doctor, got a prescription for him, and brought it to him while he received the chemo infusion. With her beautiful, bright smile, she brings relief to both my husband and me. We are both always so glad to see her. Thank you to Mary!"

Congratulations and thank you to Mary Miles for her wonderful work!

Lily Daugherty Wins DAISY Award in March 2014

Lily is an inspiration to her co-workers. A patient presented to labor and delivery with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Lily was her nurse and quickly built a relationship with her. She was able to bring new life into the patient and help her to get started on her journey to cancer survival.

After the patient delivered, she called for Lily to talk, cry, and listen to her fears. The patient asked if Lily could accompany her to her chemotherapy. And Lily did! She sat and supported the patient.

Lily’s comforting spirit has helped the patient, her husband, and family start a legacy for their baby. It is a pleasure to work with Lily. She embraces the love of obstetrics and the love of patients. With each person she encounters, Lily goes the extra mile to make their experience outstanding. Lily is extraordinarily skilled and provides compassionate care. We are delighted to present Lily with a DAISY Award!

Kristi Gerling Wins First DAISY Award

MoBap gave out their first DAISY Award to Kristi Gerling. Kristi was selected among 27 other nurses that were nominated this month. MoBap is excited to implement this award in order to recognize the amazing nursing staff. She is well known for always having a smile on her face, whether it is with patients or her coworkers. It was Alexandra Casten who nominated Kristi for this award and she says, "Kristi is a huge asset to our floor and I am very pleased every day I get to work with her smiling face."

There was one event in particular that inspired Alex to nominate Kristi. It was an instance when she stayed hours after her shift ended in order to comfort a patient’s husband. It is care like this that makes a nurse a DAISY nurse.

Kristi was overwhelmed with support and congratulations upon receiving this award. It is clear that her level of care is recognized by many people across the hospital.

Congratulations to Kristi for receiving the first DAISY award!

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