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Advancing Education

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center we believe that by advancing the education and leadership of our nurses, we become stronger advocates for our patients and their families. Our nurses innovate, collaborate and practice in an environment of trust to provide award-winning care.

Professional Nurse Development Program

MoBap’s structured clinical ladder promotes the lifelong pursuit of expertise of the clinical nurse. The overall goal of the program is to continue to provide high-quality nursing care and opportunities for clinical nurses to experience professional growth and advancement.

RN Residency Program

The Missouri Baptist First-Year RN Residency program was designed to facilitate a smooth transition from student to graduate nurse. We are committed to providing life-long learning and development of nurses with the aim of advancing the profession and providing a competent workforce to care for our acutely ill patients. In addition to enriching clinical knowledge, the RN Residency program educates on team dynamics and leadership skills to build confidence.

The Goldfarb School of Nursing

The Goldfarb School of Nursing at Missouri Baptist provides a state-of-the-art education, research, and training facility right on campus. Here, tomorrow’s nurses learn from Goldfarb faculty, study side-by-side with a diverse and talented group of classmates, and cultivate the knowledge and professional skills to meet the ever-increasing demands of clinical care. More importantly, their education will include clinical training at MoBap, one of the region’s top hospitals, working with teams of professionals committed to producing the best possible clinical outcomes and patient experience.

Tuition Assistance

Our nurses at Missouri Baptist Medical Center are encouraged to continue their education. Tuition reimbursement is available for approved coursework and degrees relating to their current career path. In partnership with BJC’s Center for Lifelong Learning, cohort programs are available with deferred payment to certain nursing programs in St. Louis.

Learning Resource Center

3005 North Ballas Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63131
Phone: 314-996-5803
Fax: 314-996-6909
Hours: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Monday-Friday

Located at the south end of the Institute building, the Learning Resource Center offers use of books, DVDs, online reference materials, computers, & printers. We are proud to share our space with the library for the Goldfarb School of Nursing.

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