RN Residency Program

The Missouri Baptist First-Year RN Residency program was designed to facilitate a smooth transition from student to graduate nurse. We are committed to providing life-long learning and development of nurses with the aim of advancing the profession and providing a competent workforce to care for our acutely ill patients.

The RN Residency Program follows Patricia Benner’s pathway of taking a graduate nurse from the novice level to the level of advanced beginner within a 12-month timeframe. Our future vision is that these nurses continue to progress throughout the novice to expert continuum.

The RN Residency consists of 12 monthly educational sessions in which speakers discuss vital topics and situations that the new nurse will encounter. Real-life situations are reviewed and guidance is provided on how to incorporate strategies for improving critical thinking rooted in evidence-based care.

In addition to enriching clinical knowledge, the RN Residency program educates on team dynamics and leadership skills to build confidence. New nurses are afforded an emotional support network of colleagues who are beginning their careers at Missouri Baptist. Through monthly peer group discussions, we focus on helping new nurses learn from their experiences, as well as the experiences of their colleagues.

Since its inception, the program has served four groups of new nurses.

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