Our Nursing Mission, Vision and Philosophy

We elevate the practice of nursing through the development of a professional practice model. A professional practice model serves as a guide to nursing. It incorporates all aspects of being a nurse in an organization including leadership, governance, recognition and reward, professional relationships, professional development and care delivery. 

Our Mission – The nursing community at Missouri Baptist strives for optimal patient outcomes through the compassionate application of evidence-based care in collaboration with patients, families, the healthcare team and academic partners. 

Our Vision – Missouri Baptist will be unparalleled in the practice of professional nursing with empowered nurses who lead the patient experience and provide innovative patient and family-centered care in a dynamic healthcare environment. 

Our Philosophy – As nurses at Missouri Baptist, we are committed to advancing education and leadership at all levels, to advocate for patients and families, to provide exceptional compassionate care through innovations, collaborations, professional accountability, respect, and service excellence. 

The Professional Practice Model 

The Missouri Baptist Medical Center Nursing Professional Practice Model is a framework for all professional registered nurses (RNs) employed at Missouri Baptist. This professional model will serve to facilitate excellence in outcomes by providing essential elements that guide decisions and ensure consistency in nursing practice throughout all settings. 

The model outlines a central focus of patient and family-centered care as an approach to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of nursing care that is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among health care providers, patients and families. 

Outer Green Circle: Professional nursing practice and care of the patient and family optimally occurs in an environment of trust, collaboration, shared leadership and professional development. 

Inner Green Circle: Nursing practice at Missouri Baptist is based on science, including evidence-based practice, research, process improvement and innovation. 

Inner Blue Circle: Our practice is artfully executed through a caring, holistic approach to care, clinical expertise and patient/family advocacy. By doing so, nurses at Missouri Baptist facilitate an extraordinary patient experience resulting in optimal patient outcomes.

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