Welcome to Nursing at Missouri Baptist Medical Center!

Our registered nurses are the core of our healthcare team dedicated to always providing excellent care. We use our staff developed Nursing Professional Practice Model to ensure we deliver patient and family centered care in every setting throughout our medical center.

Nurses at Missouri Baptist are leaders in every sense of the word. They lead patients and families toward the best healthcare outcomes possible. They lead the coordination of care delivered by our expert healthcare team. They are often leaders in community activities as well.

We believe so strongly that our nurses must be leaders in every sense, so much that our staff even developed the following acronym to summarize our nursing philosophy:

  • L – Lifelong Learning
  • E – Evidence-based practice
  • A3 – Advancing accountability and autonomy
  • D – Developing a leadership mindset

I hope you will have a chance to experience how our 1,000 plus nurse leaders are making a profound difference in other’s busy lives every day.

Tim Mislan, BSN, NEA-BC
VP / Chief Nurse Executive

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