Patients Who Have Completed Cancer Treatment

Still Helping Others
Read how Theresa gives back to others.

Thousands of cancer survivors are living proof that cancer can be treated successfully and people can go on to live fulfilling, happy and healthy lives. Below you will find links that provide helpful information about cancer survivorship and information about support groups at Missouri Baptist Cancer Center.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer RehabilitationCancer rehabilitation is very similar to other forms of rehabilitation after a serious illness or injury. As with the rehab of any other illness or injury, the goal of cancer rehab is to improve independence, decrease pain, and promote overall function regardless of the level of disability.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) provides you with coordinated cancer rehab supported by a team of specially trained and certified clinicians and providers. The STAR Program® is a nationally recognized cancer survivorship certification that is focused on improving the lives of survivors who suffer from the side-effects caused by cancer treatments.

Additional Resources

Support Groups

Information about other support programs in the community is available through the Cancer Support Center, 314-996-5800.

Bear Essentials

A support group for children ages 5-17 who have a family member with cancer. For more information, please call 314-996-5517. 

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