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Some medical issues or surgeries require intensive rehabilitation after a hospital stay in order to maximize one’s independence and safety prior to returning home. The acute rehab facility at Missouri Baptist Medical Center offers the most intense, comprehensive and individualized plan, helping you achieve your goals faster. We work to identify your specific rehab needs, establishing patient-centered goals and a treatment program that is constantly working to achieve those goals.

Our facility, conveniently located within the Missouri Baptist main campus, was specifically designed to offer personal one-on-one care in an intimate, comfortable setting. The intimacy of our rehab setting allows for consistency in your care. This consistency ensures that everyone is focused on your specific needs, helping you achieve your goals sooner.

The team is led by a physiatrist, a physician specializing in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management, who oversees your therapy and medical care. While in acute rehab, you are expected to participate in three hours of daily therapy, including physical therapy and occupational therapy with speech therapy as needed. Because rehabilitation is a 24-hour process, the skills learned in therapy are followed through by nursing while in your room. The team works with you and your family to develop a program of care that maximizes your functional abilities. Each day you will have a schedule outlining your therapy sessions in both the morning and afternoon. Knowing your daily schedule ahead of time will allow you to plan your day and family visits around your therapy schedule.

Your Rehab Team

You and your Family — You are the center of the rehab team. You are expected to take an active part in your rehabilitation by assisting your therapists in setting goals that reflect your interests and needs. Your friends/family also will play an integral role in your recovery as we work towards your discharge. Friends and family may be trained on specific techniques and exercises to help you continue your rehabilitation as you transition to home.

Physical Therapy — Physical therapists are licensed professionals trained in providing therapeutic interventions that help restore function, relieve pain, improve mobility and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Physical therapists focus on lower extremity strengthening, balance and transfer training, bed mobility, gross motor and coordination skill, and walking or wheelchair propulsion to improve your independence and safety.

Occupational Therapy — Occupational therapists are licensed professionals whose training allows them to modify tasks or the environment to promote maximum independence during the performance of life’s daily activities. Occupational therapists address all areas of improving self-care skills including bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming and eating. They also focus on reasoning and problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and upper extremity strengthening to help increase independence with these daily tasks.

Speech Therapy — Our licensed speech language pathologists specialize in improving communication, cognitive and reasoning skills, and decision-making abilities. They also diagnose and treat swallowing disorders and work with your physicians and dietitians to recommend the proper diet for optimal functioning.

Physiatrist — Upon admission to the Inpatient Rehabilitation program you will be under the care of a physician who specializes in rehabilitation who coordinates your care with the other members of the rehab team. A physiatrist is present daily to address your needs, coordinate your care and communicate with other physicians as needed.

Other Physicians — Because we are on the Missouri Baptist Medical Center campus, your Missouri Baptist physician(s) are able to follow your care while you are in rehab.

Nursing Staff — Caring for you 24/7, the nursing staff is registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient care techs specially trained to help you use your current abilities and the new skills learned in therapy to achieve maximum independence.

Care Coordination — Your social worker will follow you throughout your stay in rehab. They provide support to you and your family during the transition back home. This includes providing information and planning assistance with community resources, agency referrals, emotional support and counseling, skilled nursing and long-term care placements as needed. They also can help with insurance certification and coverage concerns.

Food Services — After admission to the Inpatient Rehabilitation program, a catering associate will visit daily to discuss menu options, following the dietary recommendations made by your doctor. A registered dietitian also may assist by assessing your nutritional needs and providing educational materials.

Other Specialty Services — Based on individual patient needs.

Patient Story

I spent the entire month of February 2009 in acute rehab at Missouri Baptist. After my stroke everything was an ordeal, even putting on my socks! When I first arrived in rehab I couldn’t walk, swallow, talk, or dress myself. It’s depressing because you don’t know how it will all turn out, but the therapists were so positive and they gave me hope.

I was in rehab for about a month but I can honestly say it was a great experience! My family has a Valentine’s Day tradition of getting together for a big meal including my wife’s special heart shaped meatloaf. My speech therapist, Mark, came in on his day off to help set up the conference room with chairs and to help my family set up decorations to surprise me. By this time in my rehab my appetite wasn’t that great and I had lost 60lbs but having my family close to me and keeping our Valentine’s day tradition alive really made me feel at home. I ate EVERY BITE of that meal!

I really wanted to still do something special for my wife even though I couldn’t be at home with her. My occupational therapist came up with the idea of asking my wife to bring in my wallet so we could work on money management tasks during therapy. Then during my speech therapy time we worked on using the computer to order my wife a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day. I was her hero for about 24 hours!

The staff on acute rehab was amazing. From the nurses, physicians, social workers, therapists and everyone else I came into contact with, they were all very patient, tolerant, and supportive. They gave me confidence and hope and they gave me my life back. I walked out of rehab with only a cane, able to talk, and confident that my life was back on track!”

—Bob B.

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