STAR Program®: Comprehensive Cancer Rehab

Cancer Rehab Center St. Louis

What is Cancer Rehabilitation?

Cancer rehabilitation is very similar to other forms of rehabilitation after a serious illness or injury. As with the rehab of any other illness or injury, the goal of cancer rehab is to improve independence, decrease pain, and promote overall function regardless of the level of disability.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center’s STAR Program® (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) provides you with coordinated cancer rehab supported by a team of specially trained and certified clinicians and providers. The STAR Program® is a nationally recognized cancer survivorship certification that is focused on improving the lives of survivors who suffer from the side-effects caused by cancer treatments.

What can the STAR Program do for me?

Our STAR Program certified clinicians specialize in identifying common cancer-related rehab issues. Our physical occupational and speech therapists can help you with a variety of treatment related conditions and symptoms, including:

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Shoulder problems
  • Balance and gait problems
  • Scar tissue limitations
  • Memory and concentration issues
  • Swallowing and other speech problems
  • Lymphedema

Am I a candidate for Cancer Rehab?

If you have any problems that you didn’t have before your diagnosis, especially if they interfere with your ability to function or quality of life, you are a candidate for cancer rehab.

Seeking treatment early, at the fist sign of decline, may help lessen further deterioration during treatment. Before accepting a “new normal,” all patients should be given an opportunity to maximize their potential to heal. While some side effects may still exist, cancer rehab can help to reduce their impact on your quality of life, as well as your physical and emotional function. Our STAR Program Clinicians® will work with you to identify your personal goals and tackle the issues that most affect your quality of life and independence.

What about insurance coverage?

Most cancer rehabilitation services in the STAR Program® are reimbursed by health insurance providers. Our office staff can assist you in checking your specific rehabilitation benefits.

How can I get started in the STAR Program®?

For appointments or additional information, please contact Missouri Baptist Outpatient Rehabilitation at 314-996-3500. Participation in the STAR Program® requires a prescription from your physician or other eligible provider.

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