Voice Therapy

Evaluation of voice disorders includes laryngeal videostroboscopy, and acoustic measures of voice production and vocal quality. Diagnostic data enables therapists to work with patients and their referring physicians to design treatment programs resulting in improved voice production and enabling patients to avoid recurrence of voice problems.

Laryngeal videostroboscopy provides a magnified, slow-motion image of the vocal folds. This procedure examines the larynx to diagnose voice disorders. This also provides the patient with a unique view of his or her voice disorder through real-time digital images. Through this procedure a visual record of the patient’s vocal condition is recorded prior to any surgical, medical or therapeutic intervention and can used for future comparison.

Acoustic measures of voice production and vocal quality enable the therapist to identify pitch and loudness used in conversational speech. Computer programs allow the patient to “see” the voice and its movement, resulting in improved comprehension of techniques. As patients progress they are able to “see” the changes in the voice through the software and hear improvements in vocal quality and range.

The clinical experience of our therapists -- along with patient input -- ensures individualized treatment programs that facilitate recovery and avoid recurrent problems. Improvement in voice quality requires lifestyle changes and our therapists are experts in coaching patients toward positive changes.

Voice evaluation uses laryngeal videostroboscopy and acoustic measurements, and requires an order from the referring physician. Our staff can help with insurance verification and authorization for treatment. Voice therapy is appropriate for vocal nodules or polyps, paradoxical vocal cord movement or dysfunction, and muscle tension dysphonia (excess tension of laryngeal muscles). Laryngeal videostroboscopy may be ordered to assist the physician in diagnosing carcinomas of the larynx and determining vocal fold paralysis treatments.

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