We continue to monitor COVID-19, flu and other respiratory viruses in our communities. Read the most current information about prevention, testing and where to go if you're sick.

COVID-19 Information

Preventive Care

Prioritizing Health During COVID-19

As we age, our health and wellness needs change. During the COVID-19 pandemic, preventive health care visits declined as many people avoided visiting their physicians when much was unknown about the virus transmission.

Dr. Junaid Munshi, a family medicine physician with BJC Medical Group, talks about the importance of prioritizing health by scheduling annual doctor visits and preventive screenings. "Minor health problems can progress into more serious health conditions if left unchecked. Because patients with chronic or worsening conditions are at elevated risk for COVID-19 infection, preventive care plays an important role."

Depending on age and risk factors, preventive health screenings include: mammograms, colorectal cancer screening, checking cholesterol levels, blood pressure screening, testing blood glucose levels for diabetes and screening for excessive stress.

Dr. Munshi acknowledges that some patients have been nervous about coming to the clinic and describes the steps his practice has taken to make patients comfortable making appointments for preventive care visits.

"Everyone wears a mask, and our staff wears eye protection and follows strict cleaning protocols."

Dr. Munshi also describes how he offers telehealth visits over the phone or computer for those who prefer not to come to the clinic. "There are many preventive services we can provide by telehealth."

By taking a proactive approach to health care, Dr. Munshi says that patients can build a relationship with their doctor and become their own best advocates. "My patients are involved with all aspects of their care, and we work together as a team."

Book an appointment with Dr. Munshi or any of the other BJC Medical Group primary care doctors by calling 844-747-6900 or visiting bjcmedicalgroup.org.

What Can You Do While You Wait

This is an exciting time – as the COVID-19 vaccine offers hope to help us overcome this pandemic and continue the process of healing our community. Even after you receive a vaccination, you should continue to protect yourself and others by:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet
  • Frequently washing your hands or using hand sanitizer
  • Regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces
  • Avoiding large gatherings
  • Keeping up with regular health care appointments


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